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Thursday, 7 July 2022

Hydrow launches Wave, a compact rower that's much cheaper than the original

If you enjoy low-impact cardio and strength training, then you've probably considered buying a rowing machine such as the Hydrow. But it costs $2,495, and that's just too much to spend for some. Well, Hydrow has introduced its second rower, Wave, which debuts at a price point that's about $1,000 cheaper than the original Hydrow. Suddenly, Hydrow is much more affordable and accessible for most people. 

The $1,495 Hydrow Wave not only addresses the price issue people have with rowers but also space. The original Hydrow, which we reviewed last year, measures 86 inches long, 25 inches wide, and 47 inches tall, weighs 145 pounds, and has a 22-inch HD screen. Wave, on the other hand, is 80 inches long, 19 inches wide, and 43 inches tall. It weighs 102 pounds and has a 16-inch touchscreen. But it still supports up to 375 pounds and has a proprietary resistance mechanism that can supposedly create the feeling of rowing on water, but without too much noise.

Because Wave is smaller than its predecessor, you can get this new model delivered directly to your home through UPS in the US. You don't need to schedule a delivery like you do with the original Hydrow. But you can still get a delivery crew to assemble it in your home if you want. You can also store Wave vertically if you buy the optional $190 vertical anchor kit from Hydrow.

Like with the original Hydrow, you can also pay $38 for a monthly membership to rowing classes. There is beginner programming available that will help guide you and teach you a proper rowing form. This automatically shows up on the home screen. The first three workouts are 15 minutes long. They're called Breathe (lower intensity with a focus on form), Sweat (intermediate intensity with a focus on toning), and Drive (intense workouts with a focus on cardio and strength training). After those classes, you'll advance to a 10-session program designed to ramp up your fitness level.

There are also on-demand classes in the app, where you can match an instructor's rowing cadence and watch their form. Of course, if you want to try Hydrow classes at your own gym with the rower there rather than get Wave, you can always try the $20 app-only Hydrow subscription instead. But if you are interested in Wave, it is available now from Hydrow with accessory packages.

You can still buy the original Hydrow, too, including on Amazon.


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