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Tuesday, 5 July 2022

How technology, art, and timelessness come together on the face of the new Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro

By Peter Gauden, head of ecosystems marketing for Huawei Technologies, western europe

As a leader in pioneering technology, we're constantly exploring the aesthetics of our products. How can we combine technology and elegance in such a way that a smartwatch is no longer just a smartwatch â€" it's a luxury watch?

Taking a holistic approach from the inside out, we strive to hone the perfect balance between functionality, performance, and aesthetics across both our hardware and software. Launched recently at an exclusive fashion event in Milan, the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro is no different.

Inheriting the ethos and innovative DNA of the GT Series, the latest GT 3 Pro and its accompanying watch faces reflect the unique styles, personalities, and tastes of our users. This latest edition has also comprehensively upgraded its hardware and software capabilities.

In terms of aesthetics, the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro is the most fashionable smartwatch we've created to date, with a brand-new interface design, high-end materials, specially launched watch face collection, and different colours and styles of watch strap. It also comes in two premium design editions â€" Ceramic and Titanium. 

In the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro, classical art and modern technology come together to form a new type of luxury fashion aesthetics.

A touch of luxury and artistic flair on your wrist

The demand for smartwatches is on the rise. In Europe alone, the watch face downloads from Huawei Theme have shown 52 per cent YoY growth as the wearable market booms. Interestingly, 40% of Huawei users also say they tend to update their watch faces every month, demonstrating that the desire to personalise our devices with unique designs is a fast-growing trend in itself.

While there are more than 70,000 specially designed watch faces currently available on Huawei Themes and Huawei Health, we know how important choice is, so we're taking steps to offer our users an even more extensive range of innovative and attractive designs.

The newly launched Huawei Themes "Sense" series is a collection of exquisitely designed premium watch faces that celebrate the launch of the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro. The series has been deliberately designed to capture a range of emotions which directly appeal to the diverse senses of style and taste among our users. 

Playing on the convergence of 'Technology, Art, and Timelessness,' the Series reimagines digital watch face design, incorporating the fine-grained details and classic look seen on traditional timepieces. The result is a wholly unique digital aesthetic which pays homage to time-honoured designs. There are a number of premium styles to choose from, ranging from traditional to classical.

Our Titanium Edition designs for instance perfectly combined futurism with the new inspiration of watches. The watch faces of the "Vanguard Knight" series (as seen below) creatively combine mechanical textures with Roman numeral hour markers. 

Meanwhile, the stylish watch faces in the "Mechanical Mystery" series pay tribute to the technical complexity of machinery, for those who enjoy a sophisticated and tasteful design.

The Ceramic Edition of the Watch is more feminine and incorporates the classic design elements of East and West, interpreting a different kind of aesthetic with a new design language. The watch faces in the "Eternity" series incorporate celestial elements, with exquisite Roman numeral hour markers and silver white and sapphire blue as the core colours. 

The "Moon Phase Phantom" watch faces meanwhile sparkle with the mystery and majesty brought by the changing phases of the moon in the night sky, to give users a luxurious sense of style and sophistication on their wrist.

Inspiring the creatives and designers of tomorrow

At Huawei, we're committed to investing in young talent and creativity. That's why we collaborated with the European Institute of Design (IED) to develop a collection of new watch faces for the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro.

The project, titled 'Huawei Art in Your Pocket' involved working with 15 IED students across 10 creative disciplines to create a unique capsule collection of 30 watch faces, all built around the major fashion trends of Spring/Summer 2022. Based on different interpretations of the same theme, the artwork was elaborated according to various techniques, from 3D to illustration, to graphics.

Working under the direction of tutor Benedetta Spreafico, the students' designs showcase the link between design and technology and âˆ' in line with our aspiration to create a watch face that helps people to express themselves âˆ' directly reflect Huawei users. It's precisely initiatives like this that remind us how much creativity is closely related to technological innovation.

Huawei is also supporting numerous local watch face designers across Europe, working alongside them to create unique watch faces for the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro. For instance, 'Styles4you' is a Berlin-based studio that specialises in creating premium watch face designs for a range of wearable OS devices.

Huawei has always striven to explore the aesthetics and artistry of technology. We believe that by taking an innovative approach to product design and software functionality, our users can experience exquisite craftsmanship, no matter which of our watches they choose to wear.

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