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Wednesday, 6 July 2022

Get 3 months of Amazon Kids+ for just £3.99, saving up to £16

Amazon is offering you 3 months access to its Amazon Kids+ service for £3.99 in the UK.

That's a saving of up to £16.98 for those in the UK. Once the 3 months have passed, you'll then pay the regular subscription cost which is £3.99 for Prime members or £6.99 for non-Prime members. You can also cancel at any time, once you've tried the service for yourself.

This offer is only going to be available until 11 July - so you have to be quick.

Kids+ subscribers get access to premium children's movies and TV shows as well as child-friendly books, apps and games. The idea is that it gives parents peace of mind knowing the content their child is accessing is age-appropriate. 

It means that the child can then find more content on their tablet without the parent constantly having to approve everything or grant permission to access a load of different apps.

Parents can, if they choose, add other purchased TV shows or films to their kids' Fire TV profiles while you can also customise time limits, age filters, and set up things for both weekdays but give them more freedom at the weekend. You can also set a PIN as well.

Should you wish, you can also grant access to other downloaded apps such as Netflix and Disney+. Everything is fully configurable via the Amazon Parent Dashboard on mobile or desktop.

Kids+ is available across Amazon's Fire TV tablets and Kindles. 

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