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Friday, 1 July 2022

Future of F1 is all-electric, says Williams driver Alex Albon

Formula One is making steps to reduce its carbon footprint to net-zero by 2030, through many on and off-track initiatives, but that could just be the start of its sustainability journey. It could go all-electric one day.

That's the opinion of F1 driver Alex Albon who believes it's not an if but a when.

Pocket-lint caught up with the Williams racer at Silverstone on the eve of the British Grand Prix for a chat that will be available in full on a forthcoming episode of the Pocket-lint Podcast. He told us that a switch to all-electric cars is inevitable for the sport: "It has to," he said.

"I guess the relationship between how Formula One used to be - we were running V8s and V10s, burning fuel every weekend - to now, we've crossed the bridge [a bit] with the hybrids that we have. So, just like the road cars you see today, it will lead into full electric. It's gonna happen.

"I think the challenging part is how you keep the the atmosphere and the drama of a Formula One car."

Albon also explained to us how he's more a traditional driver when it comes to technology inside his current F1 car - "I don't want to sound anti-tech, but there is an element that we we are reliant on and some bits which I wouldn't be against not having," he joked - however, he is happy to embrace devices and games outside of the sport.

For example, like fellow Williams driver Nicholas Latifi, he makes good use of audio kit made by team sponsor Bang & Olufsen to help him prepare for races - to block out the hubbub around race days, especially at non-European tracks where he doesn't have a room in a motorhome to shut himself away.

For that, he finds noise cancelling headphones a Godsend: "Noise cancelling headphones are kind-of essential to me for when it gets busy. We have a lot of people around," he revealed.

"With the European hospitality unit, I have my own driver's room. It's fine. It's closed off. I'll have the speakers on and that's kind-of it. Whereas, we'll go to fly away races outside of Europe and the circuits provide us these container boxes. That becomes chaotic and you really need time alone. At least with the headphones being noise cancelling, you can zone away from it and focus on whatever it may be."

It's perhaps not surprising that, while a gamer, Albon isn't that keen on playing F1 games in his spare time: "Most games I play are not racing games," he said.

"I like to play all kinds of stuff. I like Valorant right now."

You will be able to hear our entire interview with Alex Albon in a future episode of the Pocket-lint Podcast.

He will be racing for Williams in the British Grand Prix at Silverstone this weekend with a upgraded car. Bang & Olufsen started its partnership with the racing team earlier this year.

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/cars/news/161716-future-of-f1-is-all-electric-says-williams-driver-alex-albon

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