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Tuesday, 12 July 2022

Brompton's Electric P Line is a lighter folding ebike

Brompton has unveiled a new addition to its range of electric bikes, this time addings its in-house motor system to the P Line, a lighter bike than the previously available models.

It actually presents a simpler proposition than older options, too, with only a single model on offer, with a four-speed gear shifter to complement the electric assistance.

That battery-powered motor is not substantially changed, with the same 40-70km range depending on the level of assistance you choose, and 25km/h top speed, with Brompton's ethos around continued reparability meaning continuity of parts and components is arguably a good thing.

The key benefits compared to the C Line model that we rode last year comes in weight - the P Line weighs 12.7kg when folded and 15.6kg with the battery pack attached for riding, which makes it a couple of kilograms lighter than the C Line which has been available to this point (depending on the configuration).

The other big addition is a new roller frame that makes moving the bike around significantly easier, letting you roll it when folded rather than being forced to carry it at all times. This is an optional extra, but one that Brompton recommends.

The bike starts from £3,695 / €4,195 / $4,700, and is available to order today directly from Brompton.

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