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Monday, 4 July 2022

Best Sonos deals right now

Sonos is one of the best multi-room music systems around. It has some fantastic speakers in its portfolio, from the small but fabulous Sonos One with Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility to the Bluetooth-enabled Sonos Move.

All Sonos speakers deliver excellent sound quality, combined with a great design and build quality but you pay the big bucks for these attributes.

If you're currently in the market for a Sonos speaker, you're in the right place. Here's a breakdown of where to get the best deals.

Sonos One SL


The Sonos One SL offers support for Apple AirPlay 2, while also offering a streamlined design that's virtually identical to the smart Sonos One. Alexa and Google Assistant aren't built-in, but you can use a third-party Alexa or Google speaker to control the Sonos One SL via voice. There are two Class-D amplifiers, a tweeter and a mid-woofer on board, along with features like Trueplay tuning.

Sonos One


The Sonos One looks almost identical to the Sonos One SL, but it offers Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant built-in, allowing for voice control of the Sonos One, as well as other Sonos speakers, and all the features those assistants offer too. It has Trueplay tuning like the Sonos One SL, as well as capacitive controls and AirPlay 2 support like the One SL. Colour options are black and white and you can pair a Sonos One with another Sonos One or a Sonos One SL to act as surround speakers when coupled with a Sonos Arc, Sonos Beam, Sonos Playbar or Sonos Playbase.

Sonos Roam


If you're already invested in the Sonos ecosystem, this portable speaker is an absolute no-brainer purchase. If you're not but want a Bluetooth speaker, there's a little more to think about since it's more expensive than many rivals - because it also offers all the usual Sonos features when connected to Wi-Fi. It's water resistant and features Google Assistant and Alexa, too.

Sonos Roam SL


The Sonos Roam SL takes what was great about the Roam, but removes the microphone. This means it's not as smart - there's no Google Assistant or Alexa built-in - but the sound experience is very much the same, making this an ideal speaker for taking on the move, thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity. 

Sonos Move


The Sonos Move is both a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speaker, whilst also offering water resistance, an integrated handle on the rear and a great sound experience. It is the only Sonos speaker with Bluetooth capabilities, allowing you to take it with you wherever you fancy. When in Wi-Fi mode, the Sonos Move operates as a typical Sonos speaker, controlled through the Sonos app and it features built-in Alexa and Google Assistant too. It also has AirPlay 2 compatibility and automatic Trueplay tuning, optimising the sound output to the Move's surroundings without you having to lift a finger. It comes in white and black colour options.

Sonos Beam


The Sonos Beam is a compact soundbar that is available in white and black colour options and offers Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant built-in. It connects to your TV through HDMI ARC, though there is an optical cable for older TVs, and when not delivering sound from your TV, it doubles up as a great speaker that works in the same way as other Sonos speakers. The Sonos Beam features five Class-D amplifiers, four full-range woofers, a tweeter and three passive radiators, along with Apple AirPlay 2 support and Trueplay tuning.

Sonos Playbase


The Sonos Playbase is a soundbase rather than a soundbar, designed for TVs that aren't wall-mounted. Like the Sonos Beam and Sonos Playbar, the Sonos Playbase will either enhance your TV sound or act as a standalone Sonos speaker, offering all the features of a Sonos speaker, including compatibility with over 80 music streaming services and app control. It is available in white and black colour options and it features ten Class-D amplifiers, six mid-range woofers, three tweeters and one woofer. It connects to your TV via optical.

Sonos Sub


The Sonos Sub is a wireless subwoofer that comes in black and white colour options and adds some booming bass to your home theatre setup. It can be stood up vertically or laid down horizontally and it features two Class-D digital amplifiers and two force-cancelling drivers. It can deliver a frequency response as low as 25Hz.

Sonos Arc


The Sonos Arc is the latest soundbar in the Sonos portfolio, doubling up as another Sonos speaker when you don't have the TV on. It features Dolby Atmos, compatibility with Apple AirPlay 2 and it offers both integrated Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It features 11 Class-D amplifiers, eight woofers and three tweeters. 

Sonos Amp


The Sonos Amp is an amplifier - given away by its name. It will power traditional wired speakers, whether bookshelf, floor-standing, in-wall, in-ceiling or outdoor and integrate them into a Sonos system. There are also HDMI ARC and line-in ports, meaning you can connect TVs, turntables, CD changers and other audio components to it, enabling them to become part of a Sonos system too. The Sonos Amp offers twice the power of its predecessor - the Connect Amp - and it is capable of powering up to four speakers, offering 125 watts per channel.

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