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Wednesday, 20 July 2022

10 Best ways to get cash for cars near me

If you're thinking that your junk car is worth a penny then you're missing something big. You can earn handsome money from your junk car. Yes, it's possible, provided you know someone that provides cash for junk cars.

A junk car is not complete trash. If it has some authentic parts still working or someone is ready to buy a junk car then no one can stop you from making thousands of dollars right away. Thousands of junk car dealers are out there that will help you trade junk cars for cash. All you need to do is to pick a reliable one. 

Well, the job isn't as easy as it sounds. A lot of research and comparison-related hard work has to go in to churn out useful results. 

Don't worry! Refer to this list of the top 10 best ways to get cash for cars near me.

  1. USCarJunker â€" Get instant cash for a car with USCarJunker
  2. Peddle â€" Best junk car buyer near me with the quick car-to-cash facility
  3. WeJunkCars â€" Get easy and fast cash for a car with WeJunkCars


Anyone who is thinking of dumping junk cars for cash or at least possible hassle must try USCarJunker. This online cash-for-car platform has been already trusted by thousands of junk car owners and has been applauded by many media outlets for its quick and hassle-free cash-for-car facility.

The platform features an extensive database of junk car buyers near me. It's easy and possible to find a reliable junk car buyer with UScarJunker as the platform blends AI and professional assistance to make prospective buyers and needful junk car sellers.

The platform has buyers that are ready to accept cars in any condition. All the new and old models will be accepted as long as you call (844)509-2399 for help. Hence, the odds of being rejected are very rare with this choice. It provides an instant cash payment facility. Once you accept the quotes, you can get cash for a junk car from your nearby junk yards within a day or two.


  • Multiple quotes at a time 
  • You can sell even a completely wrecked car
  • Transparent policies and payment terms
  • 100% guaranteed cash for car


  • Only junk car selling facility is offered

Try USCarJunker for hassle-free and guaranteed cash for junk cars>>


Peddle is here to solve all your hassles related to 'buy a car for cash near me' trouble in one go as this online platform brings thousands of US native junk car buyers to one place and provides you ample options. Each buyer has to go through a background check before being a part of the community. Hence, scammers won't be able to make it. 

As per recent reports, the platform has sold nearly 2 million wrecked cars as of today. The number is huge and impressive. Most of the deals closed within a day or two. The key reason for such a huge number is quick processing. 

There are not many formalities and legalities to confuse the buyer and the seller. 

Sellers have to provide junk car details and buyers have to offer relevant quotes. That's it. It's one of the tension-free ways to find someone who buys cars near me at a reasonable price. 


  • Offers nationwide car pick-up and towing facility 
  • Instant and market-relevant offers are provided 
  • Not much of personal details are asked 


  • Payment is provided only via check, which is less preferred 

Cash for a car near me without any personal information - Use Peddle >> 


WeJunkCars is professional help to get when you need to sell a 'car for cash near me' without many legal complications. The platform will help you sell or completely get rid of a junk or wrecked car in no time. 

Even if you've got a car that is no less than trash then WeJunkCars will buy it and dispose of it in an environmentallyâ€"friendly way. It makes sure that the car parts are discarded with full ease and safety. 

With its user-friendly policy, the sellers of junk cars will not be dealing with dubious terms and conditions, any hidden fees, and last-time change in the quoted price. 

Using its vast junk car buyer network, the platform makes sure that not a single junk car remains locked inside a garage and causes headaches to the owner. The payment processing is easy and fast. You don't have to wait for weeks to get paid or receive cash for a car. It is very prompt on this front. 


  • Verified junk car buyer profile 
  • Instant cash payment if a car passes the inspection 
  • Sellers of remote locations will be able to get lucrative deals on junk cars 


  • You won't get a payment confirmation before the junk car inspection 

Come to WeJunkCar when you're looking for junk car buyers near me>>


100% guarantee, easy processing, and instant cash are what you'll experience while dealing with JunkCarsRemoval. The platform has a very straightforward process of selling junk cars near me. 

You only have to fill out an online form with true car specs, wait for a quote, accept it, and arrange a pick-up. However, it's very important that the car details that you would be providing should be real-time and true.

Any false detail can lead to request denial as there would be an inspection process before the payment processing. As your cash for junk car requests are forwarded to multiple buyers at a time, you've got a high chance of being accepted or getting a lucrative deal. 

People love JunkCarsRemoval because of one more reason. The sellers don't have to worry about arranging an inspection and pick-up. It will take care of these and many other things.


  • Hassle-free paperwork
  • The inspection is mandatory but is not too time-consuming
  • Dedicated customer care support is here to guide and help you


  • Occasional inability to schedule an expert inspection

View a wide listing of places that buy cars near me at JunkCarsRemoval>>


SellMax has been in this industry since 1990 and has helped millions of junk car owners get rid of their trash possession in no time. It's a legit player in the industry and is going strong because of its friendly and transparent policies. 

It's a licensed junk car buyer in the State of California that features a wide network of authentic junk car buyers. They are skilled enough to help you get rid of a damaged car with a stash of cash.

The cash-for-car process is smooth and simple. Even if you're a first-time junk car seller, you won't face much trouble and hassles. After a simple form fill-up, you're good to go.

If you face any troubles then you can contact the customer care team.


  • 100% transparent operation with zero hidden fee
  • Minimal paperwork 
  • A team of junk car experts will reach your doorstep for inspection 


  • Not every state is covered under its junk car buyer network 


CashForCash is a great choice to make when you want cash for a car without being worried about the reunion state of the car. This platform features junk car buyers that are ready to accept cars in any condition, provided crucial car parts are not missing. 

If your car has an engine, transmission, and minimum of two tires then you've nothing to worry about. The advanced AI of the platform is so useful that it aligns the seller's requirements with the buyer's offering in a blink of an eye. 

For the service provider, the seller's satisfaction matters the most. This is why multiple quotes are provided against one request. This is done to make sure that the seller has ample choices to make the right decision. 

Being an industry player for the past 15 years has made CashForCars a name to bank upon. It is a legit service provider that buys junk cars with utter ease and excellence.


  • Best customer care service in the industry 
  • Prices are bound to be as per the industry standards 


  • Payments are subject to inspection approval

Junk Car Masters

Fair market price and transparent privacy policy are certain offerings of Junk Car Masters. 

Junking a car and getting cash for a car is a quick and hassle-free process with JunkCar Master as the platform has advanced car junking technology that filters the thousands of junk car buyer databases as per the sellers' requirements. The AI is so inventive that relevant search results are offered in a blink of an eye.

Your chances to get instant quotes are high because one selling request is forwarded to thousands of interested buyers at a time. The platform provides real-time notification to those who buy cars near me so that it can provide an immediate quote.

If you're very location specific then you enter the zip code of the area and get details about who buys junk cars near me in a minute. 


  • There are no forced quotations. Sellers are allowed to process only when they are happy with an offer. 
  • Its service is free from any processing fee. 
  • Has a record of accomplishment to sell junk cars. You can also get an amount as high as $500 cash for junk cars near me. 


  • No vehicle trade-in facility 


DamagedCars claims 'we buy cars for cash near me within 24-48 hours', which is quite a claim. Well, it turned out to be true. 

The online platform has such an extensive buyer listing that you'll certainly get a guaranteed quote or an offer within a day or two. Don't try to think that such quick responses from junk car buyers will not be up to the mark. They will be as per the market's condition. There won't be any compromise on service delivery as well. 

If the seeker of cash for the car has provided every detail right then s/he can get a quote within 90 seconds. That's such quick service. Isn't it? 


  • There is free pick-up and towing for all the quotes. Even if the quoted amount is as less as $50, the pick-up will be arranged for sure. 
  • The quotes are delivered with zero obligation which makes it easy for selling a junk car. 
  • Rated A+ by BBB 


  • Payments are mostly made by cheque


USScrapYard has earned sufficient name and fame in the industry because of its straightforward application process. Not much personal information is asked during the process. 

At best, the intended buyer is obliged to provide corresponding details and accurate information about the car. However, it's expected that the seller will provide the right details about the car that you're trying to dump or sell.

It's very clearly stated on the platform that 'we buy junk cars near me' only applies if the provided car description matches the real condition. So, make sure that you don't hide things if you don't want to face rejection or don't receive considerable quotes while trying to trade your junk car for cash.


  • Quotes are offered within 15 minutes 
  • Free car junk removal 


  • Inspection is so extensive that it could delay approval in some cases 

USScrapYard - The best place to trade cars for cash with a 100% guaranteed to offer >> 


Finding a suitable junkyard where you will get instant cash against the wrecked car is not easy. But, it will be if you take the help of YardsNearMe.

The platform features an extensive listing of verified junkyards that provide cash for the car at the least possible hassles. The listing is so far-flung that almost 50 US states are covered. The goal-oriented search facility of this platform is so trustworthy that people will find places that buy cars near me instantly.

The first thing that impressed us the most about this platform was the inspection process. It's not too time-consuming and feedback is offered instantly. The buyers of junk cars on this platform are highly responsive. You will get a quote as quickly as within 10 minutes of putting forward a request.


  • The simple and quick transaction process
  • Offers free trailer service to pick up your junk car
  • Multiple quotes at a time


  • No live chat support feature for instant help 

The ideal place to find reliable car cash near me places >>


Q1: Will I be paid in cash for my junk cars?

It depends on the junk car buyer. Some buyers can pay you in cash while few prefer to transfer the money to a bank account. Many buyers even make the payment through cheques as well. So, there is no hard and fast rule that you'll get cash for a car with every junk car buyer. You need to inquire about this aspect before accepting a quote or closing a deal.

Q2: Is there any cost to tow my junk cars?

If you're taking the help of a reliable buyer who buys junk cars like USCarJunker and Peddle, you don't have to worry about towing the junk car as these junk car buyers provide free nation-wise junk car pick-up and towing facility at zero additional cost. However, certain buyers can charge you an obligation fee to secure the deal. You must enquire about all these things beforehand. 

Q3: What is a salvage title?

With the help of a salvage title, it's easy to recognize the damaged or injured vehicle. When a vehicle gets involved in an accident or is damaged otherwise, its title will be salvaged. However, it can be reversed if the vehicle is rebuilt or inspected after the repair.

Q4: Will you still buy my junk cars if it misses parts?

Well, the answer to this question depends on the type of missing part. If the engine, all four tires, or transmission is missing then it won't be possible to trade the car. Misplacement of the rest parts won't cause much of an issue.


There is no need to let a junk car give you tension or occupy precious space. You have many ways to get rid of them, provided you know them right. All the above options will help you get cash for the car instantly and quickly. However, it is hard to beat what USCarJunker, Peddle, and WeJunkCars are offering. Their vast junk car buyer network, immediate cash processing, and detailed assistance are one of a kind.

With them as your support, getting rid of any junk car is a piece of cake. So, what are you waiting for? If you have a junk car, try them out today.

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