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Wednesday 13 April 2022

Unreleased Mac Mini pops up in latest Studio Display update - is an announcement coming at WWDC 2022?

An unreleased Mac Mini model has been referenced in the code of a recent Studio Display firmware update, backing up suggestions that Apple could be preparing an announcement at WWDC 2022.

As spotted by developer Steve Troughton-Smith, the iOS 15.4 update for the Studio Display features a nod to a "Macmini10,1" - a model code that doesn't match with any current or existing Mac Mini devices.

The rumor mill is a little unclear as to what new Macs are imminent; for what it's worth, there is one concrete clue: the shipping Studio Display firmware references one unaccounted-for mystery machine â€" a new model generation of Mac mini ('Macmini10,1'). My guess: M2, not M1 Pro

â€" Steve Troughton-Smith (@stroughtonsmith) April 12, 2022

This, then, has added fuel to reports that indicate Apple is preparing updates to the Mac line in the middle of the year - or, at least, early in the second half.

Given that a new Mac Mini was also hinted at in additional leaks back in March, the dots appear to be joining up.

However, despite this big hint, there is still some conflict regarding the order in which the Mac models will actually be rolled out, with everpresent Apple leaker Ming-Chi Kuo previously suggesting that the top-end Mac Mini will instead land in 2023, with a replacement for the current M1 models more likely for 2022.

Plus, on paper, a new Mac Pro and a high-end Mac Mini are equally likely, given that they're the only two within the lineup yet to transition from Intel to Apple's own chips.

Whatever we end up seeing, it does appear increasingly likely that hardware will be on the menu this June - or at least shortly after. 

We may even see a new MacBook Air, according to rumours, but we suspect Apple would be keen to clear up its regular Mac lineup before diving back into an M2 refresh.

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/laptops/news/apple/160765-apple-mac-mini-2022-wwdc-announcement

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