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Friday, 1 April 2022

Monument Valley 3 and another game in development at Ustwo

Monument Valley developer Ustwo has confirmed to Pocket-lint that a third instalment in the series is in development. A separate new game is being worked on too.

Monument Valley and its sequel - currently on Apple Arcade - have proved huge hits, with their calm, puzzle-based gameplay and cunning level design. Monument Valley 3 is highly anticipated, therefore.

"We are currently staffing up for the next instalment of the Monument Valley series," we were told by senior producer at Ustwo, John Lau for a future episode of the Pocket-lint Podcast.

"We're in [the concept phase] with that. [We're] trying to walk that line between doing something new and preserving what's gone before us.

"There's also another, I believe I can say, Ustwo game that's in the works. But the precise details of that are not something I can go into, unfortunately."

Lau joined the studio after Monument Valley 2 was released, but was part of the team that worked on The Lost Forest expansion added at the end of 2021.

"It's obviously a quite a frightening, worrying thing to be walking in those footsteps. But, as with anything which is much beloved and highly regarded, I think there is absolutely a line to be walked between doing justice to what's come before and also trying to do something new with that."

Not much more has been revealed about the plans for MV2 or the second new title as yet, but you will be able to hear the whole interview in a forthcoming Pocket-lint Podcast, with new episodes released each Friday.

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