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Friday 1 April 2022

Facebook Watch Party explained: How to group-watch videos

Facebook used to offer a Watch Party feature that allowed its users to simultaneously watch Facebook videos together. Their streams were synced so that they could comment and react in real-time. It was especially handy during the early pandemic when experts were recommending that people separate and stay home as often as possible, as they could use the feature to still feel connected with loved ones.

On April 16 2021 the Watch Party feature was discontinued, and all related things, including reactions and comments, have since been removed.

Here's everything you need to know about how Watch Party worked.

How did Facebook Watch Party work?

Creating a Watch Party

News Feed

  1. To create a Watch Party from your News Feed or timeline, click Make Post.
  2. Click the Watch Party option.
  3. From the Add Video menu, search for a video.
  4. You can also browse through For You, Watched, Live, Saved, and My videos.
  5. You also click Add to Queue next to any video to add it to your queue.
  6. Once you pick a video, add a description for your Watch Party post, then click Post.
  7. You'll see a message that says 'Your Watch Party Is About To Begin.'
  8. Once your Watch Party starts, you can add friends to watch with you.

When in a Watch Party

  1. Once your Watch Party starts, you can start a live audio commentary.
  2. You can also click Add Video to add additional videos to the queue.
  3. Click the Invite button in the bottom left to invite friends to your Watch Party.
  4. You can click "Write something..." to chat with others who are in the Watch Party.
  5. You can add emojis, GIFs, photos or videos to your comments.
  6. To end your Watch Party, click the "..." in the corner and click End Watch Party.

After a Watch Party ends

  1. A recap will be saved on your timeline as a post.
  2. All videos watched during the party and any comments made will be visible.

Re-watching Watch Parties

Once you finish your Watch Party, a recap will be saved in your group as a post, which shows all the videos watched during the party. The comments made during the original Watch Party will also be available for viewing.

What was the point of Watch Party?

Facebook said Watch Party is useful for hosting Q&As, sharing behind the scenes details of a video, swapping tips and tricks, showing makeup tutorials in real-time, learning new things like a workout technique, and inviting special guests to join their Watch Party. Since it launched, Facebook says its seen Watch Parties, both big and small, generating thousands of comments.

There were even groups that dedicated more than 10 hours to a single Watch Party, "with different members coming in and out throughout the day," Facebook said in a blog post. This shared viewing experience can also be used to connect families who live apart by bridging the distance between them when they can't physically be together. The possibilities are endless.

"Imagine sitting down to watch a loved one's graduation video with your extended family when they couldn't be there in person, reliving a vacation by sharing videos and swapping memories, or even just hanging out with friends watching funny videos together," Facebook added.

Who used Watch Party and why?

Here are some examples provided by Facebook:

  • Dogspotting Society Group used Watch Party to watch dog videos together.
  • Big Ballers hosted a Season 2 Binge so fans could catch up together.
  • KARD, a K-Pop group, celebrated its anniversary with fans via a Watch Party.

Where is Facebook Watch Party available?

Facebook first announced and started testing Watch Party in 2017. In 2018, Watch Party became available around the globe. Facebook discontinued Watch Party in April 2021 after interest began to wane. 

Want to know more?

Facebook also has this FAQ page that details how to join and find Watch Parties from Facebook Groups and Pages. 

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