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Wednesday, 6 April 2022

Amazon Music Unlimited also gets a price hike

Following price increases for Amazon Prime membership in the US, the cost of Amazon Music Unlimited is going up, too.

Amazon has confirmed that the cost to Prime members will increase from $8 per month to $9.

A Single Device subscription, available to Echo speaker and Fire TV users, will increase from $4 to $5 per month.

The cost to non-Prime members will remain the same at $10 per month, as will the Family Plan at $15 per month.

The price increase means that Prime subscribers are no longer getting a great discount, and it may make switching to another streaming service look more appealing.

Of course, there are plenty of benefits to using Music Unlimited, it's one of the few services to offer lossless HD audio and spatial audio formats. It integrates well with the range of Echo speakers, too.

But with services like Tidal and Spotify now only costing a dollar more per month, and both offering a larger library and arguably better user interfaces. It's easy to see users being tempted away.

For those less serious about their music listening, Amazon offers Prime Music as a free service to Prime members. However, it's much more limiting, with only 2 million songs available and can only be streamed to one device at a time.


There's no word yet if other regions should expect pricing changes, but we'll be keeping an ear to the ground.

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