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Thursday, 16 December 2021

Pixelmator Photo, the advanced image editing app, comes to the iPhone

Pixelmator has introduced a Pixelmator Photo app for the iPhone. Previously, it was limited to the iPad. There is also a version for the Mac.

The in-depth photo editing app offers over 30 colour adjustment options, support for over 600 RAW image formats like Apple ProRAW, AI-powered editing tools like object removal and upscaling for low-resolution shots, batch editing features like the ability to copy and paste edits between photos, a split comparison view for comparing edits, basic tools like Crop and Straighten, and more.

Because it's an iPhone app, you can also expect deep integration with Apple's Photos app and iCloud Photos. 

In other words, it's a Photoshop-level app, but for a smaller screen that can fit in your pocket. You can use it for complex workflows, like applying a bunch of edits to several photos at once, allowing you to quickly process all of your shots while on the go. It's that powerful.

Pixelmator Photo for iPhone requires iOS 14 or later. It's available on the Apple App Store as a free update for existing users of the iPad app. New users will be able to get the app at a special launch rate of $3.99. Afterward, the app will be regularly priced at $7.99 in the US.

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/apps/news/159438-pixelmator-photo-the-advanced-image-editing-app-comes-to-the-iphone

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