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Tuesday, 14 December 2021

Oppo's Air Glass is a heads up display for your daily life

While other companies are working on augmented reality smart glasses and headsets, Oppo has been busy crafting an "assisted reality" display instead. 

Oppo Air Glass is a lightweight monocle-styled display designed to fit on custom spectacle frames that gives users an easy view of helpful info projected in front of their eyes. Delivered in a lightweight, minimalist design.

Oppo envisages that this smart display will make users' lives a lot easier with at-a-glance info displayed when you need it most. Imagine having your calendar projected and visible at a glance or cycling directions clearly visible without taking your eyes off the road. 

Oppo Air Glass is coming with an open SDK so developers can create uses for it in future but could include some very handy uses cases. One of these is a translation capability where two paired Oppo Air Glass displays can translate native language and present the translation for users to see. Imagine two people speaking different languages and getting to see what the other is saying without breaking eye contact. 

Another nifty use we like the look of is a transcription feature that will allow you to use the Oppo Air Glass like a teleprompter. Perfect for giving presentations without taking your eyes off the audience or camera. 

Oppo Air Glass uses a micro projector with a micro-LED system capable of projecting up to 3 million nits brightness. It's built with a five-piece lens design, along with two pieces of sapphire crystal to ensure it's scratch resistant and able to stand up to everyday use. 

Oppo Air Glass comes installed with various apps as standard, including weather, calendar, translation and navigation, but more will come in future. 

Powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon Wear 4100 platform it's controllable by gesture, voice controls or via an app on your phone or Oppo Watch. Oppo says that Oppo Glass is able to recognise head movements - so the nod or shake of your head, for example, can be used to open and close notifications. 

Sadly Air Glass has just three hours of battery life, but will come with a convenient charging dock. 

Oppo Air Glass will be launching in China first, but the company says it may reach other regions too. It will be available with two different types of frames - half-frame and full-frame to suit most users with black and silver models available.  

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/ar-vr/news/oppo/159333-oppos-air-glass-is-a-heads-up-display-for-your-daily-life

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