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Friday, 17 December 2021

More images of Garmin Venu 2 seem to have leaked

We heard in early November that the latest Garmin smartwatch might be on the way, and in fact arrive before the end of 2021, in the form of the Venu 2 Plus. That release window is getting a little less likely as each day passes, but it's clearly not too far off.

Now, more images of the smartwatch have leaked, showing the watch in detail and from a few angles, courtesy of seasoned leaker Evan Blass on Twitter. He hasn't commented any further on the images, suggesting that it's very much just a visual leak at present.

However, even that tells us quite a lot - as noted the last time the Venu 2 Plus was leaked, there's a new button on the side of the watch, bringing its button total up to three. This will seemingly be paired with a mircophone toggle to let you talk to the watch, although whether that also involves a voice assistant is unclear.

The design of the Venu 2 Plus isn't too much of a departure from the Venu 2 in the first place, either, so it looks like this is a fairly minor iteration upon that device, hence its name.

We'd expect it to be a little more expensive thanks to the added microphone, although it's possible it'll retail at the same price as the Venu 2's launch, while the older model gets a small price cut (don't hold your breath on that front, though).


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