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Wednesday, 15 December 2021

Microsoft is supporting end-to-end encryption for all Microsoft Teams users

Microsoft is rolling out end-to-end encryption to Microsoft Teams for one-to-one calls. 

The company has been testing adding encryption to Teams for a while now since it was first announced back in October. Now the option to turn it on for one-to-one calls is being rolled out and admins will have the option to enable it. 

This encryption means that those on the call can rest safe in the knowledge that their conversation is kept away from prying eyes and ears. With this setting enabled, the call is encrypted before it's sent and decrypted only by the intended recipient. No one else has access to the call data or the decrypted conversation - not even Microsoft. 

All real-time voice and video data is encrypted but both parties need to have the end-to-end encryption setting enabled. 

It is worth noting that if end-to-end encryption is enabled, this will disable other features that are usually available. Features like recording, live captioning, transferring calls and adding others to the call won't function alongside end-to-end encryption.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is keen to point out that encryption in Microsoft 365 is there to protect your chats, shared files and other content that would normally be in a call. 

If it's activated by your organisation, you can find out how to turn on end-to-end encryption here. 

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