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Wednesday, 15 December 2021

Krisp can now recognise your voice, boosting its noise cancellation powers

Krisp is one of our favourite apps. It offers really powerful AI-based noise cancellation so that those either recording audio or taking part in video calls don't have to worry about background noise.

This has been an essential tool given the rise in video conferencing, as Krisp will eliminate noises such as dogs barking, cars driving past, the recycling truck emptying your bins - just about everything.

The latest update, however, offers more targeted assistance to make sure that it's your voice that's heard on calls, rather than just any voice. This means that if you're on a call and your partner walks in offering you a coffee, that doesn't get sent through to the rest of the video conference.

The latest update is a free addition for those using Krisp on Windows, with plan for a roll-out on Mac in early 2022.

Setting up the new feature is easy. Once you've updated your Krisp app, you'll be prompted to set it up, with Krisp recording a short section of text as reference.

From this reference text, it will define the pitch of your voice as low, medium and high and filter out other voices that don't fit that profile.

Because of the way these voice pitches are categorised, it is possible for other voices that match your voice pitch to come through, but Krisp say that they are already working on a solution to improve the serve further in the future.

For those worried about privacy, don't. The voice recording is local, it doesn't get shared online, it stays on your PC.

For those who don't know, Krisp will work on any microphone you have connected to your PC. Once you have Krisp setup and running, you can select the source mic, be that an external USB mic or something built into your computer or webcam.

It's a really versatile system and we've found it really effective at keeping background noise to a minimum over the past couple of years. The best thing is that it's free to use - you get 240 free minutes per week!

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