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Monday, 20 December 2021

How to add a NHS COVID Pass to Google Pay

The NHS app will allow you to easily get a COVID Pass, which is currently required for access to a range of venues in England.

But the NHS app is a little slow to log in to, and getting to the COVID Pass requires a number of clicks, so it's not ideal when someone wants to scan it.

Fortunately, the NHS app will let you add the COVID Pass to Google Pay, where it's much easier to get to, so you can get that scanning done much more quickly.

Where do I get a COVID Pass and what do I need?

  • NHS app
  • Fully vaccinated, or
  • Negative COVID test

To get access to a COVID Pass, you need to download the NHS app. You can log into the app using your NHS login, which is the same as you'd use on the NHS website.

If you've not used the app before - or don't have an NHS login - you will have to register and there are a number of steps to go through before you'll get access, but it's all explained in the app.

To get a COVID Pass, you either have to be fully vaccinated - which is currently having two doses of an approved vaccine - or have the results of a negative test that's reported via the NHS.

You will qualify for a COVID pass two weeks after a complete vaccine course, but the COVID Pass only lasts for a month. After which, you'd have to re-add it to Google Pay.

If you're using a negative test result, your pass will last for 48 hours, and you'd have to report another test to get a new pass after that time.

There are two types of pass, Domestic, which you'll use for nightclubs, football matches or anywhere you're asked for proof of COVID status, or Travel. For the Travel option, you need to make sure you're showing the information required for the country you are travelling too - and there are options to download that information from the NHS app too.

How to add your COVID Pass to Google Pay

If you qualify for a NHS COVID Pass and want to add it to Google Pay, then the process is simple. These are the guidelines for the pass you'll need in England to gain access to venues or prove your COVID status.

  1. Open the NHS app on your Android phone
  2. Tap on NHS COVID Pass
  3. Select Domestic
  4. Tap on "GPay Save to phone"
  5. Confirm and agree to the terms and conditions

You'll also have the option to add a shortcut to your homescreen. This will then give you direct access to your COVID Pass, without the need to open Google Pay first.

Note that when you add a new COVID Pass to Google Pay, this will appear alongside older existing passes, but you can remove the old out-of-date passes via the menu in the top right-hand corner.

How to access your COVID Pass in Google Pay

One you have added your COVID Pass to Google Pay, it will appear like other loyalty cards. You simply have to open Google Pay, tap "show all" and then tap the NHS COVID Pass and it will open up.

If you've opted to drop a shortcut on your home screen, you'll be prompted to verify your ID (normally with a fingerprint) and the pass will be shown.

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