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Tuesday, 7 December 2021

Here's a closer look at PSVR 2's next-gen VR controllers

We've seen numerous leaks and teases about Sony's next PSVR headset over the last few months. Indeed some of the information has come straight from Sony itself. Now that's happened again in the form of a public patent filing that has come to light.

That patent, filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization shows more information about the PSVR 2 controllers. The patent includes detailed drawings and diagrams of the PSVR controllers that show various things of interest. The diagrams give us a look at the controllers in a way that confirms the previous leaks. 

We also get a look at the button placement of the controllers, the trigger grips and info on how the controllers will be detected by the cameras.

The drawings show the ring around the controller and the sensors on there, but also a look at how the user's fingers will sit on the buttons. The design appears to show a button for each finger in a natural position as well as multiple thumb buttons and the control sticks. 

Although only a patent at the moment, this filing certainly appears to show a hint at much more improved controllers for the future PSVR headset. With the loops and overall shape, these controllers are much more like Valve's Knuckle controllers than the wand-like Move controllers.

We'll have to wait to find out more though. 

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