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Wednesday, 8 December 2021

Don't fancy cooking? Try these five takeaway apps

Cooking can be great fun and if you are trying to stay healthy then making your own food is a great way to monitor what you eat. But just because it is fun or healthy doesn't mean you want to do it every night.

Sometimes a Friday night takeaway, or even a Monday night takeaway, is just what you the doctor ordered. So when the takeaway craving hits, try these apps to get exactly what you fancy, whether it be Chinese, Wagamamas or a lovely stuffed-crust pizza.

Just Eat

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Just Eat has a catalogue of thousands of delivery and collection restaurants across the UK. Put in your postcode and the app will automatically pull up all the restaurants open along with a brief summary of their cuisine, the delivery charge, delivery time, how far away they are from you and their average star rating based on customer reviews.

You can choose by cuisine at the top of the app, look at menus and see all the reviews by others who have ordered from each restaurants. There is also the option to filter by reviews, discounts and free delivery. The Just Eat app also allows you to pay by cash or card so you can still order that chow mein even if you don't have any cash lying around.


Download for Android | iOS

Deliveroo allows you to get restaurant food delivered to your door, whether that's from Wagamama, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, MEATLiquor or Carluccios. It has numerous well-known restaurants on its books, as well as independent businesses. The only catch is that Deliveroo isn't available in all locations so you might find your area isn't covered.

If it is though, you can search by cuisine, category or restaurant by postcode, browse by the fastest delivery time, as well as view menus and read all about the dishes offered in each restaurant. The app also offers live updates in real time and you'll get notifications on delivery status, whilst also being able to see your Deliveroo rider on the app when they are nearby.

Uber Eats

Download for Android | iOS

Uber Eats is party of the taxi service Uber and like Deliveroo, it offers restaurant food delivered to your door. Chains like McDonalds are included on its books, but like Deliveroo and Just Eat, it has independent businesses too. As with Deliveroo though, not all locations are available, with cities covered but not always smaller villages or towns outside of those cities.

If your location is covered, Uber Eats will allow you to browse the available restaurants, see an estimated delivery time and see the total price, including your order and the booking fee. You can use the card linked to your Uber account to pay, or add an alternative credit card. No cash option with this one.  


Download for Android | iOS

You'll have to love pizza for this one but if you do, the Domino's app is available for smartphones and tablets. Type in your postcode and whether you want delivery or collection and the app will serve up a list of deals that might entice you into eating more than you want to. There are a couple of tabs at the bottom that will get you to the full Domino's menu, more meal deals and your order so it's nice and easy to navigate.

Once you have decided what you want, you can choose when you want it delivered and add any voucher codes you have, as well as opt to pay by card or cash when you get to checkout. When you've ordered, there's a Pizza Tracker that will keep you updated on what stage your order is at.

Pizza Hut

Download for Android | iOS

If it's pizza you after but you aren't a fan of Domino's then the Pizza Hut ordering app will unsurprisingly allow you to order a pizza for delivery or collection. You can enter your postcode or use your current location and it will bring up your nearest Delivery Hut or, if you aren't close enough for delivery, you can collect it.

Once you have your Delivery Hut, you can order for later or order for now and they will aim to deliver your pizza within 30 minutes. There is a section for deals, as well as desserts, dips and normal pizzas with the option to pay by cash, card or PayPal.

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