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Monday, 15 November 2021

Yes, there really is a Gucci Xbox Series X

Microsoft has teamed up with fashion house Gucci to bring us a gaudy and eye-wateringly pricey version of the Xbox Series X.

The console itself is emblazoned with a laser-cut monogram pattern that Gucci lovers will no doubt be familiar with. Gucci says in this case, the GG motif stands for Good Game, as well as the designers' initials.

The console comes in a hard carry case, or more accurately, a fancy piece of vintage Gucci luggage. The case matches the brands usual stylings with the exception of some bold bright green text reading 'XBOX' on one side and 'GOOD GAME' on the other. The styling will surely be divisive, it's a bit mad, but then again so is the price point.

The console comes packaged with two controllers featuring blue and red stripes inspired by the House web. On the whole, the contents of the case are a lot more subtle than the carry case itself.

Buyers will also get Game Pass Ultimate included, but if you can afford to spend this much on a console, we doubt that will be of much significance.

The Gucci Xbox Series X will be released on November 17th 2021 in a limited series of 100. The asking price is $10,000 and each console in the small run is prominently numbered on the chassis.

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