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Tuesday, 2 November 2021

Tiger King 2 release date, how to watch and how to catch up

A second season of the hugely popular documentary series, Tiger King, is heading to Netflix very soon.

Announced as part of the streaming service's Tudum event in September, Tiger King 2 is again directed by Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin and effectvely picks up where the last season left off.

It's not without controversy - not only is the Tiger King himself, Joe Exotic, currently in jail serving time for hiring hitmen to kill rival Carole Baskin, Baskin herself is suing Netflix.

She claims the company doesn't have permission to use footage of her in Tiger King 2, having only signed release forms for the first series.

It sure sounds like season 2 will be just as surprising and event-filled as before, therefore. Here's everything you need to know about it so far.

Tiger King 2 release date

Tiger King 2 will premiere on Wednesday 17 November 2021.

How to watch Tiger King 2

Tiger King 2 is a Netflix exclusive, so you will need to be a Netflix subscriber to watch it.

The previous series was rated 15 (in the UK), so we'd expect the same again.

How many episodes of Tiger King 2 are there?

While unconfirmed, it is expected that Tiger King 2 will have 8 episodes.

The first series - Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness - originally had 7, but an eighth episode was added during the first lockdown of the pandemic. It featured interiews with some of those who appeared in the docuseries.

Tiger King 2 rumours and news

From the trailer (which you can see below), it is clear that the first series has a big impact on the sequel. It has seemingly been filmed after the phenomenon began.

Variety reports that at least one person is not happy with it, however. Carole Baskin is said to be in the process of suing Netflix over her appearance in Tiger King 2. She claims that she only ever signed release documents for the first series. Whether that will delay its release is unknown. Netflix is yet to respond to her allegations.

How to catch up on previous episodes

The entire first series is available on Netflix right now. There are 8 episodes - 7 were aired originally, plus another one featuring post-show interviews made during lockdown in 2020.

You can also catch up on the events in the first series in a handy, bite-sized highlights package made by the streaming giant.

Is there a Tiger King 2 trailer?

You can watch a full trailer for the new series below.

The further adventures of Joe Exotic are also shown alongside other documentaries coming to the platform in a "Home of True Crime" teaser first shown during Tudum.

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