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Monday, 15 November 2021

Tesla cars are being delivered without USB ports

There's nothing like getting your fresh new electric car home, ready to feel that all-torque rush, to discover that it hasn't been specced-out quite how you were expecting.

That's just the surprise that's greeted some new Tesla owners recently, as they've realised their cars are arriving without USB ports in the centre console or rear seating - in some cases with forewarning from Tesla but in others without any such notice.

It would seem that the missing ports are down to chip shortages on Tesla's end, and some customers have apparently been told that they'll be able to take their car in to have the ports fitted in a few weeks, but it's not the best look from the manufacturer.

After all, one of the only criticisms that still sticks to the actual quality of Tesla's cars is that its build quality isn't always up to snuff, and missing parts aren't exactly going to push that narrative back much.

No USB ports means no phone charging (wireless or otherwise), which is a pretty big omission from a car as connected as a Tesla, so it'll certainly want to make sure affected customers can get a fix down the line to avoid another reputational hit.

Of course, in the background to these actual operational concerns, Elon Musk is still continuing his odd Twitter existence with lashes out at Bernie Sanders and threats of more stock sales, as per usual.

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/cars/news/tesla/159056-tesla-cars-delivered-without-usb-ports

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