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Wednesday, 3 November 2021

Spotify and Peloton join up to offer new playlists in the Workout Hub

Peloton is teaming up with Spotify to offer a selection of "Curated by Peloton" playlists within the streaming service's Workout Hub.

Starting 3 November 2021, Spotify users will gain access to seven playlists from Peloton instructors. A few examples include Running by Peloton, Tunde Oyeneyin's Playlist, and Strength by Peloton. These are hand-picked, rotating playlists designed to complement workout classes. Meanwhile, Spotify has also introduced a "Find Your Instructor" tool to help users discover which Peloton instructor will best match their music taste.

It's basically a test that asks you a few questions and looks into your listening behaviour.

Spotify and Peloton first began collaborating last year, when Peloton introduced dozens of classes with songs from Spotify's playlists. Spotify also launched a feature that allowed Peloton users to save songs as they play during a class. Now, Peloton is expanding on that original partnership, with 11 classes featuring songs from some of Spotify's popular playlists, including Today's Top Hits, Door Knockers, Lofi Beats, and Indigo.

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