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Monday, 22 November 2021

Sony patents faceplates for the PS5

The long-running rumour mill around custom faceplates for Sony's PlayStation 5 has taken another twist in the form of a new patent from Sony that appears to show the faceplates for the console on their own.

This suggests strongly that Sony might be working on releasing customised faceplates separately at some point soon, something that has become almost entirely expected as a result of its long-running feud with Dbrand.

That manufacturer had its Darkplates pulled from production and then redesigned in an attempt to resist legal threats from Sony to stop making them, and in some sassy posts at the time it very much alleged that Sony was likely working on its own plates.

So far Sony has made black versions of its Pulse 3D headset and DualSense controller, fuelling rumours that a full black console is on its way, but the removable nature of the PS5's plates means that swappable options would be equally sensible.

Anyone that's added an internal SSD to their console will know that popping them off is pretty simple, so installation would hardly be an issue.

Still, pending any actual announcements from Sony there's no guarantee that a first-party solution is indeed on the way, so we suspect Dbrand will still be feeling good about its Darkplates for now.

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