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Friday, 19 November 2021

Smell like a gaming icon with Sega's new colognes

If you ever wondered what Sonic smells like - or, at least, what the blue hedgehog spritzes on before he goes on a date, now's your chance to get a proper answer.

Sega has just launched three new colognes, each themed around one of its most iconic franchises, so that gamers can really lean into their commitment and smell like their series of choice.

Smells like something new has landed!

Introducing the Yakuza, Shenmue and Sonic the Hedgehog unisex Cologne from @numskulldesigns!

With three awesome scents, which is your favourite? |

â€" SEGA Shop Europe (@SegaShopEurope) November 18, 2021

From Sonic, then, you get "Blue Blur", a blend of citrus scents including lemon, grapefruit lime and more - clearly intended to evoke the freshness and speed of a Green Hill Zone stage.

Representing the long-running Yakuza series is "Bourbon and Smoke", which has notes of oak, cedarwood and smoky bourbon as the name suggests, evoking backroom deals rather than huge beat-em-up brawls.

Finally, fan-favourite Shenmue gets "Tobacco and Gold", with an infusion of cardamom, bergamot, and whatever golden tobacco is.

Each is available to pre-order from Sega direct now, for £29.99 ahead of a December launch, so if any of those sound like they're worth taking a punt on, get your order in now.

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