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Wednesday, 3 November 2021

Second Xbox X Adidas sneaker announced: Xbox 360 Forum Mid

The partnership between Xbox and Adidas is continuing with a second pair of sneakers based on the gaming giant.

The Adidas Xbox 360 Forum Mid are based on the eponymous console, with a number of visual nods and a few Easter eggs thrown in for good measure.

They are white, silver and green, like the original Xbox 360 itself, and the strap across the front looks like the disc tray.

A 360-era Xbox button appears on the ankle, while the air vents are represented on the inner side of each sneaker.

As well as the boxed white laces, the limited release show will also come with red, yellow, green and blue variants based on the coloured buttons on the 360 controller.

The Adidas Xbox 360 Forum Mid sneakers will do on sale for customers in the US and Canada from 7am tomorrow, 4 November 2021. Considering how these things traditionally go, expect to be hitting that purchase button instantly as they'll like sell out quickly.

A previous pair, based on the original Xbox, were announced in October. However, the Xbox 20th Forum Tech shoes were never put on general sale. The new pair are therefore the first you will be able to buy - if you're lucky.

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