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Friday, 5 November 2021

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, S8+, S8 Ultra release date, specs and rumours

Samsung's Galaxy Tab S Android tablets are some of the best in their field. While Android tablets are few and far between these days, the Galaxy Tab S range is one of the strongest competitors to Apple's iPad.

The latest Galaxy Tab S tablets to appear were the Tab S7 and Tab S7+, but there are now rumours surfacing about their successors, with talk of a Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, S8+ and an S8 Ultra appearing in leaks.

Here's everything we have heard so far about the Galaxy Tab S8 and its variants.

Release date and price

  • Early 2022

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ arrived in August 2020, while the Galaxy Tab S6 and S6+ arrived in August 2019. It would therefore have been logical to suggest August 2021 for the Galaxy Tab S8 tablets, though of course that hasn't happened.

A couple of rumours have suggested the Galaxy Tab S8 tablets won't appear until early 2022, with one specifically suggesting they will arrive with the Galaxy S22 smartphones, which would be a little later than expected. It's said production will start in January, though nothing is official as yet.

In terms of price, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 starts at £619 in the UK and $649.99 in the US, while the S7 Plus starts at £799 in the UK and $849.99 in the US. It wouldn't be too surprising to see the Galaxy Tab S8 and S8 Plus around the same, perhaps with a slight increase, while the S8 Ultra will be more expensive.


  • Premium
  • Aluminium

There aren't any leaks surrounding the design of the Galaxy Tab S8, S8+ and the rumoured S8 Ultra as yet, though we would expect an aluminium construction. It's likely the devices will be different sizes, and it is also likely they will offer different features too.

We'd expect the Tab S8+ and Tab S8 Ultra to have an under display fingerprint sensor for example, like the Tab S7+ did. The standard Tab S8 model meanwhile, could stick to a side-mounted fingerprint sensor, like the S7. 

Slim bezels around the displays, solid and premium designs and slim forms are expected on all Tab S8 models.


  • S8: 11-inch, LCD
  • S8+: 12.4-inch, AMOLED
  • S8 Ultra: 14.6-inch, AMOLED

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 features an 11-inch IPS LCD display with a 2560 x 1600 resolution, while the Tab S7+ features a 12.4-inch Super AMOLED panel with a 2800 x 1752 pixel resolution. Both have a 120Hz refresh rate.

It's been suggested the Tab S8 devices will be available with display sizes between 11-inches and 14.6-inches. The smallest is claimed to be LCD, while the 12.4-inch model and the 14.6-inch model are said to be OLED panels.

Rumours have yet to suggest what the Galaxy Tab S8, S8+ and S8 Ultra might offer in terms of resolution, though the Ultra model is likely to offer the most advanced specifications in terms of display technology. 

We'd expect specifications for the S8 and S8+ to be at least on par with their predecessors, though it is likely there will be improvements, such as an adaptive refresh rate for example, like the Galaxy S21 series offers. 

Hardware and specs

  • S8: 8GB RAM, 128/256GB storage, 8000mAh
  • S8+: 8GB RAM, 128/256GB storage, 10090mAh
  • S8 Ultra: 8GB RAM/128GB storage, 12GB RAM/256GB storage, 12000mAh

According to rumours, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 and S8+ are tipped to be coming with 8GB of RAM and storage options of 128GB and 256GB. The larger S8 Ultra model meanwhile, is claimed to be coming with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage, or 12GB of RAM and 512GB storage.

All three models are said to be available in Wi-Fi only, 4G and 5G variants. It's thought they will come with a flagship processor, likely to be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 or 888 Plus.

Leaks are currently a little contradictory when it comes to battery capacities. A 12,000mAh battery has been claimed for the Tab S8 Ultra, as well as 11,500mAh. The S8 Plus is said to come with a 10,090mAh capacity, while the standard S8 is said to come with an 8000mAh capacity. Fast charging support is expected on all models.


  • S8/S8+: Dual rear (13MP+5MP), 8MP front
  • S8 Ultra: Dual rear (13MP+5MP), dual front (8MP+5MP)

In terms of other specifications, it's said the three models will all have dual rear cameras comprised of 13-megapixel and 5-megapixel snappers.

The front camera is said to be 8-megapixels on the S8 and S8+, while the S8 Ultra is reported to come with dual front camera with 8-megapixel and 5-megapixel sensors.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ and S8 Ultra rumours: What's happened so far?

Here is everything we have heard so far about the Galaxy Tab S8 tablets.

3 November 2021: Samsung Galaxy tablets going into production soon

A leak from display industry veteran, Ross Young, claims that the new Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 will start production in mid-December. With the S8+and S8 Ultra models following in late January.

New Samsung Galaxy tablets getting closer to production. New LCD Tab A8 to start production in mid-December with OLED S8+ and S8 Ultra in late January.

â€" Ross Young (@DSCCRoss) November 3, 2021

27 July 2021: Rumours of Samsung Galaxy S8 Ultra appear again

Leaker Ice Universe tweeted some battery specifications for the Galaxy Tab S8+ and S8 Ultra, with details on when they are expected to be released.

Tab S8 + will be released with S22. SM8450, One UI 4.0,10090mAh battery. But this is not the best. There is 'Ultra'. I won't say it first. Let's wait and see.

â€" Ice universe (@UniverseIce) July 27, 2021

7 July 2021: Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 won't arrive until early 2022

A leaker called lanzuk posted on a Korean social media site that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 won't arrive until early 2022. The leaker also mentions an S8 Ultra tablet.  

31 May 2021: Leak reveals a number of Samsung Tab S8 specifications

Twitter user FronTron revealed a number of specifications surrounding the Galaxy Tab S8 tablets spotted on Naver - a Korean social media site. It's not clear exactly where the specs came from though and the tweet has since been deleted, though TechRadar published the details before. 

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