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Thursday, 11 November 2021

PUBG: New State launches, promising a next-gen battle royale experience

The long-teased follow-up to PUBG Mobile has launched. Called PUBG: New State, creators Krafton are promising to take the experience beyond anything seen yet in a mobile battle royale game.

The game very much sits as the next chapter in the PUBG story. Based around a town called Troi, the gameplay is essentially the same as other battle royale games, a battle to survive, collecting all the equipment you'll need after parachuting onto the map, with the offer of solo or team play.

Visually, from the brief time we've already spent playing the game, it's more advanced graphically than PUBG Mobile, but immediately familiar, with a user interface and gameplay that appeals much the same as it was before.

The game is set in 2051 and this is how it aims to differentiate itself from the original, mixing in futuristic elements to spice up gameplay, but you'd be forgiven for calling it PUBG Mobile 2, as it feels much the same - you can even get the classic Erangel map, the main game arena from the first game.

Given the popularity of PUBG Mobile, New State has already had huge interest, including 55 million pre-registrations and its launch today on both Android and iOS, globally, will surely see a huge influx of players.

The big question will be whether gamers are attracted to this new spin on PUBG, or whether they prefer the familiar grounds of PUBG Mobile. Of course, much of this is a fightback against Call of Duty Mobile, which continues to evolve its own battle royale option.

Those who have played PUBG Mobile previously will be instantly familiar with the New State offering; exactly how the balance of appeal between these two titles will unfold over the coming months remains to be seen.

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