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Tuesday, 9 November 2021

Peloton has finally added a pause button

Peloton is best known for its spin bikes - the Bike and Bike+ - both of which are excellent, but while they offer a multitude of features, there was one key feature missing until now: the ability to pause.

The American company announced in a blogpost that the wait was over and the pause button was coming to the Bike and Bike+ "for the little moments you can't ignore". The button will also come to the Tread "soon" but not just yet. 

The pause button will allow Peloton Bike and Bike+ users to pause On Demand workouts by pressing and holding the screen and confirming you want to pause. Previously, users would have to stop their workout, deal with what required them to stop and then resume wherever the workout was then rather than where they left off.

The introduction of the pause button - which is frankly long overdue - allows users to freeze everything until you resume. The class, progress and aggregated metrics come to a complete halt. You will lose your rank on the Leaderboard, but you will remain listed on the "Here Now" Leaderboard and this is reflected in your workout summary and scorecard too.

Users will also be pleased to know that pausing a class doesn't impact your ability to progress in programs, challenges, achievements, streaks, milestones or personal records. The pause button is rolling out to Peloton Bike and Bike+ now so be sure to install any updates when prompted when you jump on for your next ride.

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