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Wednesday, 17 November 2021

Over 25 years of PlayStation: The consoles and accessories that changed gaming forever

Sony's PlayStation console line is over 25 years old. Insane how time flies isn't it?

The first PlayStation was released in Japan on 3 December 1994 and pretty much changed the games industry for good. In the interim years, it has seen off Sega, the console manufacturer battling Nintendo at the time, and even returned to its position of number one in the games industry when the PS4 broke sales records a few years back.

But the journey is equally as interesting as the games we all play on our shiny PlayStation console these days. Indeed, the PlayStation released over 25 years ago wasn't even going to be the company's bow into the games console market. It had unveiled a Play Station machine three years earlier - one that played both Super Nintendo cartridge games and SNES-CD titles it had planned in association with now rival Nintendo.

That relationship fell foul at the first hurdle and the gaming world is all the better for it. Sony's PlayStation console was a shot in the arm of a niche games market. When it was released more universally, in 1995, it brought with it a new attitude for gaming. It was no longer perceived as just for kids. Games such as Wipeout employed dance music acts for a score that matched the new target audience. Consoles were installed in clubs for a new generation of ravers. And as the first machine played CDs too, it became a music hub for many.

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