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Thursday, 11 November 2021

Novabot, the fully autonomous lawnmower robot, will transform your mowing experience

Keeping your lawns healthy, green, and perfectly trimmed can be a painstaking affair. You have to dedicate the first half of your weekend to mowing the lawn or rely on external help, which can be fairly expensive in the long run.

Autonomous lawn care robots can simplify the process at a fairly nominal rate, at least when compared to years of hired services. You can also sleep late on the weekends and truly enjoy your day off, liberated from the obligation to perform manual labour in an effort to maintain your lawn.

Novabot is a fully autonomous, electric lawnmower robot that improves your lawn mowing experience and takes it to another level altogether. It's an intelligent device that can mow your entire lawn, avoid obstacles, map the ideal route, and charge automatically. It's designed to work on a schedule, so there's no need for manual controls. Novabot also comes with a smart app that you can control from anywhere in the world.

Below, we provide an overview of Novabot's features to illustrate how it can transform your lawn mowing experience.

Designed by LF Intelligence from UPenn's world-leading robotics lab

Before exploring Novabot's unique features, it's worth mentioning that it's designed and manufactured by LF Intelligence. Founded in 2020, the core tech team members at LF Intelligence come from the General Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception (GRASP) Lab at the University of Pennsylvania, one of the top three robotics labs in the USA.

The lab is led by world-renowned scientist Dean Vijay Kumar and has 42 years of experience in research and development. As such, you can trust the company's credentials and product, Novabot.

Optimal navigation based on NovaVision visual recognition algorithm

Novabot is an autonomous, electric lawn care robot with an impressive navigation algorithm. Its self-driving technology is based on the proprietary NovaVision visual recognition algorithm, which makes Novabot a lot more effective and reliable than other mowers.  Most robot lawn mowers necessitate installing perimeter cables to demarcate the lawn boundaries, which may involve considerable time and maintenance. They're also less capable of detecting obstacles.

Novabot's NovaVision visual recognition algorithm and the 360-degree HD camera can easily detect lawn boundaries, so you don't need perimeter cables. This can save considerable time, effort, and costs. You can simply place the robot lawnmower in the designated area, set up the app, and get started.

Furthermore, Novabot also detects and avoids obstacles, including pets, toys, and people, so you don't need to worry about the safety of those you love. With Novavison, users can even tap into security monitoring. When you turn on this function through the Nova app, it will alert you by sending images of intruders upon detection.

Intelligent route planning and zone mapping

Route planning is an important aspect of robot lawnmowers because it determines the robot's effectiveness and efficiency. The goal is to cover all the targeted areas without missing any spots while minimising the need to go over the same area repeatedly. The Novabot lawnmower customises an intelligent map with different zones the first time it's used. It recognises trees, fences, swimming pools, and other zones and takes them into consideration when planning routes.

After assessing and curating an intelligent map, the Novabot lawnmower is ready to function automatically without any human input or intervention. It will use the quickest and most efficient path to cover the front yard, backyard, and all other regions without going over the same area repeatedly. Furthermore, Novabot mows in straight lines and adjusts the height according to the grass height to ensure maximum efficiency.

Adjustable mowing height and slope climbing

All lawns aren't uniform, so robot lawn mowers should have the capacity to adjust the mowing height accordingly. The Novabot automatically senses the grass height and adjusts the mowing height to ensure uniformity and optimal mowing effectiveness.

Furthermore, it has powerful brushless motors, rugged terrain tires, and 7.5Ah Li-ion batteries to facilitate up to 45% slope climbing, making it suitable for uneven terrains.

Intelligent charging capabilities

Novabot also has a powerful battery life and intelligent charging capabilities that minimise the need for human intervention. The robot mower is powered by 7.5Ah Li-ion batteries and offers a runtime of three hours.

Before the battery runs out, the lawnmower automatically returns to the charging dock, where it charges completely before returning to the area it last stopped. You don't even need to think about its battery or charging requirements.

A streamlined, efficient, and convenient app experience

Novabot comes with an extremely effective, efficient, and convenient smartphone app. Wherever you might be, you can use the app to control your lawnmower's schedule and maps. You can create multiple zones for the lawnmower, establish no-go zones, and highlight how often it needs to mow the lawn. This allows you to monitor the lawnmower's progress and ensure everything is in the correct order with a few taps on your phone.

Available in limited numbers at two exclusive price points â€" $1599 and $1299

While Novabot is planned to be sold to the general public at a premium â€" $2799 for N1000 (suitable for Max 1000m2 yard) and $3399 for N2000 (Suitable for Max 2000m2 yard), LF Intelligence hopes to thank early adopters by offering them two extremely customer-friendly price points â€"N1000: $1299 and N2000: $1599. It's due to be released on the 16th of November, 2021 on Indiegogo.

Novabot has some of the most powerful and intuitive features we've yet seen in lawnmowers, such as advanced visual recognition, route planning, zone mapping, slope climbing, and much more. It's structurally designed to withstand even the most uneven terrains, and the advanced algorithm ensures optimal effectiveness with minimal human intervention. While Novabot will be available to the general public at a premium, we encourage you to hurry and claim it at a whopping bargain of only $1299 or $1599 â€" you better act fast before the limited pieces are sold out!

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