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Friday, 12 November 2021

Hyundai Grandeur resto-mod gives this 80s beast a full electric makeover

Hyundai, having just won Best Car with the Ioniq 5 in the Pocket-lint Awards 2021, as upped the ante with a new stunning concept.

We've been praising the Ioniq 5 for its retro looks, but this Grandeur retro-mod takes it to a whole new level of 1986 chic. There are some familiar details, like those Parametric Pixel lights, but keeping that 80s boxy sedan shape certainly sets the nostalgia bells ringing.

The aim of this Heritage Series makeover is to pay homage to previous cars while giving them a modern makeover - and Hyundai really wants you to be paying attention when it unveils its next production car - the Ioniq 6 - at the LA Autoshow in the coming weeks.

While vintage motors often do look great on the outside, it's the interior that really separates them from modern counterparts.

Fortunately the interior gets a reworking too, with a burgundy velvet and Napa leather. Just look at the lacing on the rear of the seats, some might say it's provocative even.

There's a huge digital touch display to deliver the latest in content and connectivity, but once parked, you'll be able to tickle the digital ivories with a digital piano - just make sure you're wearing your headband and have rolled up your jacket sleeves before you start.

The gear selector is an exuberant aircraft-style lever, while there's a hidden compartment in the centre console which Hyundai suggests you might use to store watches. Watches? In your car? Really?

It's certainly a feast for the eyes - especially if you're an 80s child - and the more of these resto-mods we see, the more we want them to find their way into production. But keep an eye out for the Ioniq 6 and the Ioniq 7, which is where Hyundai's real world cars are heading.

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