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Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Buy an Oculus Quest 2 and get a voucher worth $50/£50

If you're a VR fan or want to break into virtual reality gaming, then you might have been waiting for a deal on the Oculus Quest 2. 

The Black Friday deals are already in full swing and we've already seen deals and discounts on various HTC Vive headsets, but the Quest 2 sadly is rarely discounted.  This is mostly because the Quest 2 is already affordable and likely priced at a loss for Oculus. However, there is some good news as you can currently purchase a Quest 2 via Amazon and get a gift voucher in return. 

So it's probably not the money-off discount you were hoping for, but you can probably justify it by using the gift voucher to then purchase gifts for other people or hunting down other bargains. 

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