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Monday, 1 November 2021

Best Black Friday 2021 speaker deals: Which wireless speakers will be discounted?

Black Friday is usually a fantastic time to buy a new wireless speaker for your home, with deals to be had across a number of retailers and brands.

While it may seem a little far away to start thinking about, Black Friday 2021 will be here before you know it, so if your shopping list for the holidays includes a new speaker there's not long to wait now until you can pick one up at a great price.

We'll be checking the speaker deals across multiple retailers and keeping you up to date on the best discounts to be had right here.  

When will Black Friday sales start? 

Black Friday itself lands on 26 November 2021 for this year's main event, followed by Cyber Monday on 29 November. However, we've long gone past the point where retailers stick to those dates. Instead, black tag, or holiday sale events tend to start at least a week beforehand, sometimes right at the beginning of November, and will go on past Cyber Monday for at least another week. 

Bluetooth speakers are always in and amongst the sales with a plethora of brands and models available at lower prices than usual. As with most tech, there's usually no better time to pick one up than during the Black Friday season. 

What speakers do we expect to get discounts? 

Every year the sales land there's always a familiar gaggle of names to pick from, and you can expect all the popular brands to have discounts available on all manner of wireless speakers. Whether it be battery powered speakers or corded smart speakers that need plugging into mains power. 

One brand you're almost certainly going to see in the Black Friday discounts is Ultimate Ears. Its range of wireless, portable speakers are among the most popular, and they're almost always available cheaper over the holiday shopping season. Keep your eyes peeled for the Boom, Megaboom and Wonderboom, and you should see some tasty discounts. 

We expect to see Bang & Olufsen in and amongst the deals, with the compact, round Beosound A1 leading the charge. It's often discounted this time of year and is a truly brilliant battery powered smart speaker. Other models could also be included, like the Beosound Explore or the P2 portable speaker. 

Bose is also usually featured in the deals with a few different models. We'll often see discounts on the compact SoundLink Mini, cone-shaped SoundLink Revolve series as well as the much larger Home Speaker 300 and 500. 

With a lot of these things - like with most categories - you'll often find the least popular colours discounted the most. So if prices on the standard black models don't seem all that exciting, have a look around for others. 

Which retailers offer the best deals? 

Black Friday isn't limited to just Amazon, lots of retailers like to get involved. If nothing else, they're driven by the necessity to compete with their rivals in order to get consumers to spend with them. We'll be picking out and highlighting individual deals as they come in. Or, if you'd rather, you can just head directly to the retailers themselves using our links below. 

UK Black Friday 2021 retailers

Below are quick links straight to the speaker deals pages for the top retailers if you want to jump straight to what's on offer and the discounts available at the respective retailers.

US Black Friday speaker retailers

You'll find quick links below that will take you directly to the speaker deals at the various retailers so you'll be able to see what offers and deals are available.

Below we have a roundup of some of the best deals we saw last year, with quick links to jump to the region you're interested in. 

Best US speaker deals | Best UK speaker deals

Best Black Friday US speaker deals from last year

Amazon Echo speaker deals US

• Amazon Echo Dot (4th gen): save 42 per cent, now $28.99 (was $49.99). One of Amazon's newest Echos may have been released a short time ago, but it's already less than $30 . Check out the offer on Amazon. 

• Amazon Echo Dot (4th gen) with clock: save $21.00, now $38.99 (was $59.99). Same as the Echo above, but with an LED clock on the front, making it an ideal bedside clock. View the discount on Amazon. 

• Amazon Echo (4th gen): save $30.00, now $69.99 (was $99.99). If you want the full-size model, the new Echo is the one to get and it's 2/3rds its usual price. See the Echo offer on Amazon. 

Google Nest speaker deals US

• Google Nest mini (2st gen): save $30.00, now $18.99 (was $49.00). The Nest mini isn't so new anymore, and improved bass and audio quality over the first generation Google Home mini to offer more versatility, and a better sounding smart speaker. See the offer at BH Photo Video. 

Sonos speaker deals US

• Sonos Beam: save $100.00, now $299.00 (was $399.00). Sonos Beam hit the market as a cheaper alternative to Sonos' earlier soundbars and offers great flexibility, sound and smarts. See the deal on Amazon. 

• Sonos Sub (gen 3) wireless subwoofer: save $100.00, now $599.00 (was $699.00). Sonos' Sub is a great addition to a Sonos wireless soundbar if you want your home audio to have a bit more feeling to the bass notes and lower frequencies. Check out the discount on Amazon. 

Bang & Olufsen speaker deals US

• Bang & Olufsen P6 Bluetooth speaker: save $48.91, now $315.10 (was $364.01). It's a stunning looking and great-sounding speaker with that classic B&O styling. Check out the deal on Amazon. 

JBL speaker deals US

• JBL Link 10: save $70.00, now $109.95 (was $179.95). JBL Link 10 has lots of great features, including built-in Chromecast, Bluetooth and Google Assistant. It's a fully-featured alternative to Google Home. Check out the deal at BH Photo Video. 

• JBL Xtreme 2 portable speaker: save $200.00, now $149.99 (was $349.99). The Xtreme 2 speaker is one for those who find the standard, smaller speakers a bit too quite and not quite lively enough for a party. It's big, loud, waterproof and has a 10,000mAh battery for 15 hours playtime. See the offer at Best Buy.   

Best Black Friday UK speaker deals from last year

Google Nest speaker deals UK

• Google Nest Audio: save £20.00, now £69.00 (was £89.00). Google's latest TicTac-shaped speaker may be a relatively recent announcement, but it's already got its first taste of discount in the Black Friday sales. See the offer at John Lewis. 

• Google Nest Mini 2nd gen: save £30.00, now £19.00 (was £49.00). Google's Nest Mini 2nd gen is a popular choice for those looking for a small smart speaker. This tiny macaron offers more bass, bigger sound and a 3.5mm output which the first-gen Home Mini didn't have. Plus you can mount it to the wall. Take a look at the Nest Mini at Currys. 

Amazon Echo speaker deals UK

• Amazon Echo Dot (3rd gen): save £21.00, now £18.99 (was £39.99). With the new spherical Echo's out, there's lots of discount to be had on the previous hockey puck-shaped model. It's now less than half price. View the Echo Dot discount on Amazon. 

• Amazon Echo Dot (4th gen): save £21.00, now £28.99 (was £49.99). If only the latest and greatest will do, you can still get a good amount of discount on the latest Dot too. Check out the deal on Amazon. 

• Amazon Echo Dot (4th gen) with clock: save £21.00, now £38.99 (was £59.99). Like the Echo Dot above, this one is a the new spherical shape, but includes a digital LED clock on the front. Now at a great price. See the offer on Amazon. 

• Amazon Echo Studio: save £30.00, now £159.99 (was £189.99). Echo Studio is the biggest and best-sounding Echo with five speakers, Dolby Atmos technology with 3D music and a built in smarthome hub. Check out the offer on Amazon. Check out the deal at Currys. 

Bose speaker deals UK

• Bose Soundlink Mini II special edition Bluetooth speaker: save £60.00, now £109.95 (was £169.95). Soundlink Mini II is a lovely looking and lovely sounding portable Bluetooth speaker. You get 12 hours of music playback from a full party, and it features a sleek, seamless aluminium housing. Check out the offer at John Lewis. 

• Bose Home Speaker 300: save £50.00, now £199.00 (was £249.00). Bose's 300 series smart speaker is very popular choice these days for those who want a versatile wireless speaker for their home. It features Bluetooth, AirPlay 2 and voice control support from Google Assistant and Alexa. Plus, it sounds great. See the deal at John Lewis. 

Ultimate Ears, Marshall, Denon and others

• Marshall Stanmore II Bluetooth Speaker: save £100.00, now £199.00 (was £299.00). Marshall's amps are iconic, and its Bluetooth speakers take full advantage of that retro rock history. Stanmore II features Bluetooth 5.0, aptX and both RCA and 3.5mm inputs for analogue music sources. See the discount at John Lewis. 

• Denon Home 250 wireless speaker: save £120.00, now £329.00 (was £449). Denon makes some of the finest sounding advanced wireless speakers. The Home 250 features two tweeters, two woofers and a passive bass cone plus streaming support and Apple AirPlay 2. Check the Denon discount on Amazon.

• Ultimate Ears Megaboom speaker: save £50.82, now £74.99 (was £125.81). For a bigger Ultimate Ears speaker with bigger sound, the 360-degree Megaboom is a great choice. It offers waterproof design and a 20-hour battery. Check out the Megaboom on Amazon. 

• Audio Pro Addon C5-A wireless speaker: save £50.00, now £179.00 (was £229.00). For those looking for a speaker with a modernist retro look, the Addon C5-A is a brilliant option. It has Alexa built-in and lets you stream directly from multiple sources plus it can be used as a multi-room speaker. Check out the deal at Currys. 

• JBL Xtreme 2 portable speaker with Bluetooth: save £130, now £149 (was £279). JBL's long-made big, powerful and portable speakers. The Xtreme 2 features two 2.75-inch woofers, two 20mm tweeters, IPX7 waterproof build and 15 hours battery life. See the offer at Very.

• Yamaha MusicCast WX021 (white): save £40, now £159 (was £199). Yamaha's voice-activated smart speaker brings assistant smarts and lots of flexibility (thanks to being wall-mountable), in a product that streams music wirelessly. You can AirPlay too, or even use them as rear AV speakers in a system powered by the company's MusicCast AV receiver. See the deal at Richer Sounds. 

• JBL PartyBox 100 (black): save £90, now £189 (was £249). JBL's PartyBox 100 is big, loud and perfect for indoor our outdoor gatherings. You even get something of a light show thanks to a couple of RGB rings. Check out the discount at Richer Sounds. 

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