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Thursday 5 January 2023

The Razer Blade 16 has the world's first dual mode mini-LED display

During CES 2023 Razer revealed a pair of new laptops packed full of the latest tech.

The Blade 16 is one of the interesting highlights from the show for a few different reasons. The first is its claim to having the world's first dual mode mini-LED display but also this is a 16-inch laptop that's been crammed into a frame that's just a smidge bigger than the previous Razer Blade 15 model. 

Razer says this machine is the "perfect combination of performance, portability and precision crafting". It features the usual things you'd expect from a premium Razer laptop, with highlights including a CNC-milled aluminium body and a thin bezel 16-inch panel. Inside it packs serious specs that include the latest top-end enthusiast-grade CPUs from Intel upto the Core i9-13950HX and Nvidia's next-gen laptop graphics processors. 

Razer is likening the performance of the Razer Blade 16 to a sports car, claiming to have "best-in-class" graphics power density. This results in claims of 35 per cent more power per cubic inch than any other 16-inch laptop currently on the market. 

What's most interesting though is that dual mode display. This laptop features a 16-inch panel with two different "modes" that include a creator mode with UHD+ (4k+) with 120Hz refresh rate and a gamer mode is Full HD+ with 240Hz refresh rate. You need to reboot to switch between these two modes, but it means the Razer Blade 16 is dual-purpose. 

If you want to edit videos or photos then the creator mode offers more pixels and 100% DCI-P3 colourspace coverage. While gamer mode gives you a faster refresh rate for smoother and competitive gaming sessions. 

Other highlights include a solidly built CNC-milled aluminium chassis packing in four speakers with THX auduo, a 330W GaN charger and a 95.2 Whr battery and portable design. 

The Razer Blade 16 starts from $2,699.99. 

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