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Wednesday 4 January 2023

Roborock's S8 Series includes the most convenient self-emptying dock yet

Roborock's robot vacuum cleaners just seem to get better and better with each iteration.

At CES 2023 the company has revealed its S8 Series of flagship robot vacuums including the Roborock S8 Pro Ultra, Roborock S8+ and the Roborock S8. 

Roborock says the S8 Series uses the most powerful cleaning system yet. With the intelligence to move around your home with ease, offering hands-off deep cleaning capabilities better than ever before. 

At the top of the line-up is the Roborock S8 Ultra, the flagship robot vacuum cleaner from the series. This model comes with the RockDock Ultra system, a convenient docking station that offers automatic dirt emptying, automated mop washing, refilling and self-cleaning too. It even has an intelligent warm air-drying system to ensure the mopping system remains clean and odour free. 

The Roborock S8 series offers the most powerful suction yet (6,000Pa) but it also has a new dual rubber roller brush system which Roborock says can pick up more dirt and avoid more tangles too. Making it ideal for those in a household with shedding pets or and excess of hairy individuals. 

With both mopping and vacuum modes, the S8 Pro Ultra is also intelligently designed to lift up its own brush while in mopping mode and lift its mop when on carpets. So there are no problems switching between modes. The included mop uses VibraRise 2.0 mopping tech and vibrates at 3,000 times per minute. 

As you'd expect, these bots are also packed with the latest obstacle recognition technology, making them able to avoid problem areas and clean your house effectively. 

The S8 Series will be available for purchase on Amazon and Roborock Official Store in the United States beginning in April of 2023 and will retail starting at $749.99.

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