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Friday 6 January 2023

LG's future of in-car entertainment includes OLED display that slides from the ceiling

LG Display, the screen R&D arm of the major Korean manufacturer, has unveiled a few new technologies this CES - mostly based on OLED. We've seen OLED concepts for mobile devices and a new, much brighter OLED panel for TVs. Now it's turning its attention to cars.

It is demonstrating screen tech that it hopes will be used in future EVs, not least autonomous vehicles.

This includes an 18-inch slidable automotive OLED that is stored in the ceiling out of sight, but extended downwards when needed - either for rear passengers to use or those in the front while the car drives itself.

In addition, the firm's development of transparent OLED technology could result in windows that can be viewed through but also show content when needed. The CES concept zone used a 55-inch version for demonstration.

Also on show was a 57-inch screen using LG's LTPS LCD technology, which covers the entire dash, and a 12.3-inch glasses-free 3D LCD cluster that presents the driver with real-time road information.

Other automotive technologies it has been working on including Tandem OLED, which uses two OLED layers to boost brightness and durability, and new P-OLED panels.

Using Tandem OLED technology with a plastic substrate, the advanced P-OLED screens have greatly reduced power consumption and weight, so are ideal for car use.

Finally, ATO (Advanced Thin OLED) tech is being introduced by LG Display which reduces the thickness of an OLED panel by 20 per cent.

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/cars/news/lg/164056-lg-s-future-of-in-car-entertainment-includes-oled-display-that-slides-from-the-ceiling

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