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Monday 9 January 2023

Lacklustre Apple Watch, iPad, AirPods updates expected this year

Expectations for Apple's 2023 updates to the Apple Watch, iPad, and AirPods lineups should be tempered, according to a new report on Apple's plans.

While Apple tends to update most of its products once per year, it's reported that work on the company's upcoming AR/VR headset has caused plans for everything else to suffer. That headset is now expected to arrive in the next few months, but Bloomberg's Mark Gurman says that we shouldn't expect the rest of Apple's product updates to be quite so exciting.

According to Gurman, writing via the weekly Power On newsletter, Apple could have "fewer major breakthroughs to show off this year" thanks to its focus on the headset. "Apple roped in resources from several hardware and software engineering departments," he says, adding that the move "hampered other projects, some of which were already suffering from their own delays and budget cuts stemming from the economic slowdown."

As a result, Gurman believes that the iPad lineup won't see any big refreshes this year, if at all, while the Apple Watch will only receive minor performance boosts with no new design in sight. It's a similar story for AirPods, with Gurman saying that they "probably won't get any updates of note in 2023." AirPods are one of the few product lines that Apple doesn't update annually, so that might not be all that unusual. The company only released the updated AirPods Pro late last year, too. The third-gen AirPods arrived a year earlier.

As for the Apple TV, Gurman says that it won't get an update at all this year.

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