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Monday, 9 January 2023

Apple's MacBook Air could be getting bigger in 2023

Apple's MacBook Air could be about to get a bit bigger, making it even larger than some of the company's pro-level laptops.

Following reports from last year that Apple was looking into launching a 15-inch MacBook Air, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has again added weight to those claims - suggesting that the new machine will debut this year. But other rumours of the return of the 12-inch MacBook look to have been premature.

Writing in the weekly Power On newsletter, Gurman said that a new 15-inch MacBook Air is still "planned" for this year, making it the largest MacBook Air ever. Apple's current model is 13 inches give or take, while the company did once sell an 11.6-inch version as well.

That 11-inch MacBook Air was ultimately replaced by the 12-inch MacBook, a machine that was terribly limited thanks to the low-power Intel CPU that it was lumbered with. But the move to Apple silicon was thought to be just what the doctor ordered, with Gurman having already suggested the ultra-thin and lightweight laptop would make a return.

Unfortunately, that now doesn't look likely to happen - at least not imminently.

"A new 12-inch MacBook is no longer on Apple's near-term road map," he said in the new report. That doesn't mean that it won't happen, of course, but Gurman believes that Apple's current focus on launching its AR/VR headset is enough to have put paid to the MacBook's return. The same goes for notable Apple Watch, iPad, and AirPods updates as well.

Dubbed Reality Pro, it's thought the new headset could debut as soon as March.

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