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Sunday, 2 May 2021

The therapist at CVS will see you now

The therapist at CVS will see you now

When a client walks into Eve Townsend's office for therapy, they're often carrying a snack, drink, or new prescription. 

That's because Townsend, a licensed clinical social worker, provides mental healthcare in a CVS store. Stationed in a nondescript consultation room very much unlike the therapist offices you might recognize from cable television dramas, Townsend's job is to help anyone who asks for support. 

The CVS pharmacist might recommend a customer to Townsend after screening them for depression and asking if they want assistance. A client might discover Townsend through CVS brochures and mailers, or by word-of-mouth. Sometimes customers walk into the store to get milk or bread, see signs asking if they'd like to talk to someone about how they're feeling, and decide to take CVS up on the unexpected offer.  Read more...

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