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Monday, 31 May 2021

Best laptops for business: See where the MacBook Pro ranks on our list

Best laptops for business: See where the MacBook Pro ranks on our list

When it comes to business, working from home, and working on the go, a good laptop can make or break your work day. While you tend to get what you pay for when it comes to your laptop, that doesn't mean that you should only look toward big-ticket computers (we see you, MacBook Pro). 

Here's what you need: A machine that offers enough battery to get you through conference sessions and long meetings, a CPU that'll deliver great performance even with a (couple) dozen tabs open, and something light enough to easily stash in a carry-on or tote. Everything else? That's kinda up to your own personal preference.  Read more...

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IMAGE: Walmart


Dell XPS 15 2-in-1

Here's the lowdown: The Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 is one of the best laptops for getting serious work done in a business and office environment.

  • Storage: 512GB PCIe SSD
  • Memory: 8GB/16GB
  • Features: four USB-C ports (two Thunderbolt 3, two USB-C), microSD slot, FHD 1920 x 1080 touch screen, Intel Core i5-8305G, Radeon RX Vega M GL Graphics with 4GB HMB2 Graphics Memory
$1,500 from Walmart
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IMAGE: Amazon


Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

With hardly any trade-offs in design, the powerful Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon has a whopping 15.5 hours of battery.

  • Storage: 256GB PCIe SSD
  • Memory: 8GB/16GB
  • Features: two USB 3.0, two USB-C (Thunderbolt 3), HDMI port, microSD slot, 14-inch 2560 x 1440 pixels IPS anti-glare touchscreen display, Intel Core i5-8350U, Intel HD Graphics 620
$1,300 from Amazon
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IMAGE: Amazon


Lenovo Yoga Book

With its clever design and second screen, the Lenovo Yoga Book is useful and versatile machine at a very inexpensive price point.

  • Storage: 64GB/128GB SSD
  • Memory: 4GB
  • Features: one USB 2.0, one Micro USB, one Micro HDMI, 10.1-inch full HD IPS touchscreen display, Intel Atom x5-Z8550, Intel Atom
$530 from Amazon
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IMAGE: Amazon


Apple MacBook Pro

A stylish and sleek laptop that's considered the gold standard for professionals and creatives alike.

  • Storage: 128GB/256GB SSD
  • Memory: 8GB
  • Features: two USB-C (Thunderbolt 3), 13.3-inch 2560 x 1600 LED-backlit display with IPS technology display, Intel Core i5 with Turbo Boost up to 3.6GHz, Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640
$1,989 from Amazon
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IMAGE: Amazon


Huawei MateBook X Pro

A total MacBook Pro copycat, the Huawei MateBook X Pro has a sleek and sexy design that will turn heads, while also making it easy to get work done.

  • Storage: 512GB SSD
  • Memory: 8GB/16GB
  • Features: one USB 3.0, one USB-C (Thunderbolt 3), one USB-C 3.1, HDMI port, VGA port, 13.9-inch 3K 3,000 x 2,000 LED with touch panel display, Intel Core i7-8550U, Intel UHD Graphics 620, Nvidia GeForce MX150 graphics
$1,170 from Amazon
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Dell XPS 13

A stellar laptop that's designed for business with its ultraportable build and powerful performance with Windows 10 Pro.

  • Storage: 256GB PCIe SSD
  • Memory: 8GB/16GB
  • Features: two USB-C (Thunderbolt 3), one USB-C 3.1, microSD slot, 13.3-inch, Ultra HD 3,840 x 2,160 UltraSharp InfinityEdge display, Intel Core i5-8250U, Intel UHD Graphics 620
$1,520 from Dell
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IMAGE: Amazon


Microsoft Surface Laptop

The Microsoft Surface Laptop is a reliable machine that will keep you focus-oriented and productive during your workday.

  • Storage: 256GB
  • Memory: 8GB/16GB
  • Features: one USB 3.0, mini DisplayPort, 13.5-inch 2256 x 1504 PixelSense display, Intel Core i5, Intel HD Graphics 620
$715 from Amazon
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IMAGE: Walmart


Dell Latitude 7212

The Dell Latitude 7212 is built for rugged environments and extreme durability on the job. While you might not be able to take it to the boardroom, the laptop is capable of completing tasks at a construction site, the dock, and in the field.

  • Storage: 128GB/256GB SSD
  • Memory: 8GB/16GB
  • Features: two USB 3.0, one USB-C, microSD slot, 11.6-inch, 1920 x 1080 Full HD LCD WLED touchscreen display, Intel Core i5-7300U, Intel HD Graphics 620
$1,994 from Walmart

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