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Thursday, 6 May 2021

Behold this giant moth

Behold this giant moth

Mothra is real, and she is Australian. 

Construction workers at an Australian primary school (i.e. elementary school) found a huge bug this week, and have been proudly showing it off as per primary school tradition. To be fair, it is a very cool bug.

The Giant Wood Moth was discovered by builders working on Mount Cotton State School's new classrooms, which are on the edge of a rainforest in south-east Queensland. Giant Wood Moths are common along the Queensland coast, but actually spotting one in the wild is a rarer phenomenon.

"The staff and students weren't surprised by the find as we have a range of animals on our grounds at Mount Cotton State School such as bush turkeys, wallabies, koalas, ducks, the occasional snake that needs to be relocated back to our rainforest, echidnas, tree frogs, possums, chickens, and turtles," said principal Meagan Steward, apparently unaware she is actually running a wildlife park with regular child visitors. "But a Giant Wood Moth was not something we had seen before." Read more...

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