Netflix's 'Thunder Force' is a super-powered slog #rwanda #RwOT ##FearlessTaylorsVersion - MrLiambi's blog


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Friday 9 April 2021

Netflix's 'Thunder Force' is a super-powered slog #rwanda #RwOT ##FearlessTaylorsVersion

Netflix's 'Thunder Force' is a super-powered slog

Thunder Force has Jason Bateman in the supporting role of a small-time baddie whose superpower is that he has crab pincers for hands. It's a funny gag, and Bateman makes the most of it by not seeming to make much of it at all. His blasé attitude both grounds the film's reality and heightens his absurdity: Though his showiest moment comes in an '80s fantasy dance sequence, he wins the biggest laugh of the movie simply by crab-walking out of the frame.

Also pretty good are the costumes by Carol Ramsey, including the almost cartoonishly broad-shouldered suits on an oily politician known as The King (Bobby Cannavale), and the high-fashion-Hot-Topic looks served up by supervillain Laser (Pom Klementieff) with the runway-worthy entrances to match.  Read more...

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