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Friday, 30 April 2021

'New Pokémon Snap' is simple and endlessly engrossing

'New Pokémon Snap' is simple and endlessly engrossing

The best way to describe my relationship to the Pokémon franchise is accidental Pokéveganism. I like the games but strongly feel that kidnapping Squirtles and forcing them to fight as a hobby is weird. Even as a child I would look at a Pokémon and see a friend I'd like to cuddle and protect, which made traditional Pokémon games a little difficult for me to stomach. Thankfully, New Pokémon Snap is here to replicate the experience of being a normal person with a recognizably fine hobby in the Pokémon universe: zero impact wildlife photography. 

New Pokémon Snap is, as the title suggests, a new and improved sequel to Pokémon Snap, the 1999 game that also revolved around taking pictures of PokémonNew Pokémon Snap is a much bigger game than the original, with more than triple the amount of Pokémon to photograph and way more options in terms of courses, interactions, and photo editing. With its low-stakes setup and increased variety, the overall experience of playing New Pokémon Snap is a super chill series of adventures that add up to a constantly surprising and immersive Pokéxperience.  Read more...

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