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Wednesday 7 April 2021

Google leaks its upcoming Pixel Buds A #rwanda #RwOT ##短い文章で怖がらせたら優勝選手権

Google leaks its upcoming Pixel Buds A

It appears that Google's new earphones, the Pixel Buds A, are coming soon. 

9to5Google noticed that Google itself included an image of the new earbuds in a marketing email sent to people on the Google Nest mailing list. 

There are no details about the Pixel Buds A in that email (beyond their green color), but 9to5Google previously reported that the new earbuds are coming in green and white.

According to the outlet, the Pixel Buds A will be pretty much the same, design-wise, as Google's current Pixel Buds, but they'll come in different colors. The touch controls should also be the same as on the Pixel Buds, and there's no clear indication on what, exactly, will change in terms of specifications.  Read more...

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