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Tuesday 6 April 2021

30 NBA Twitter accounts you should follow

30 NBA Twitter accounts you should follow

NBA Twitter is a fantastic place â€" a mix of hoops talk, comedy, and wild takes. The NFL might be America's favorite pro league, but the NBA is its most online. 

But getting into that little subset of a world can be tough. Finding the right mix of follows, understanding the jokes â€" it all takes time. Like almost any online community there's a barrier to entry. 

That in mind, I tried to put together a list of great accounts on NBA Twitter. If you'd like to jump into that world, following these accounts would be a good start. 

By the way: This is is in no way comprehensive. I didn't include any actual NBA players because they're in the games, not the folks making the specific world online. I also didn't include brand accounts or team accounts because...well you could probably find those on your own. I tried to select a diverse sampling of folks who follow the NBA and post about it. I'm sure I missed some but here are 30 accounts that would be a good representation of NBA Twitter.  Read more...

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