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Sunday 21 March 2021

All the best memory foam mattresses for every kind of sleep position

All the best memory foam mattresses for every kind of sleep position

Memory foam mattresses are where it's at these days. Metal springs all throughout your bed? No thanks. We'll pass.

If you're looking into buying a new mattress, it helps to narrow it down to what kind of mattress you want. Memory foam is a great place to start, but as we said, it's a popular material at the moment so every leading brand using it. With this in mind, finding your dream mattress may not be as breezy as you'd maybe expect. It's pretty daunting, actually.

Don't freak out, because we're here to help.

Why is a high-quality mattress so important?

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The Nectar Mattress

The Nectar Mattress offers three foam layers and a breathable cover that offer serious levels of comfort.

  • Dimensions: Twin (96.5 x 190.5 cm), Full (134.5 x 190.5 cm), Queen (152.5 x 203.5 cm), King (193 x 203.5 cm)
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Tempur Original Elite

The Tempur Original Elite mattress provides outstanding comfort to support your body.

  • Dimensions: Double (135 x 190 cm)
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Emma Original

Emma creates the perfect conditions for restful sleep by combining different materials and structures for optimal pressure distribution.

  • Dimensions: Single (90 x 190 x 25 cm), Small Double (120 x 190 x 25 cm), Double (135 x 190 x 25 cm), King (150 x 200 x 25 cm), Super King (180 x 200 x 25 cm)
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Eve Original

Eve has created the perfect place to recharge your batteries with this memory foam mattress.

  • Dimensions: Single (90 x 190 cm), Double (135 x 190 cm), King (150 x 200 cm), Super King (180 x 200 cm)
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Silentnight 3 Zone

This budget-friendly Silentnight mattress is one of the thickest on the market.

  • Dimensions: Single (91.44 x 190.5 cm), Small Double (121.92 x 190.5 cm), Double (137.16 x 190.5 cm), King (152.4 x 198.12 cm), Super King (182.88 x 198.12 cm)

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