'GripTok' and the myth of the 'gorilla grip' coochie #rwanda #RwOT ##TransDayOfVisibility - MrLiambi's blog


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Wednesday, 31 March 2021

'GripTok' and the myth of the 'gorilla grip' coochie #rwanda #RwOT ##TransDayOfVisibility

'GripTok' and the myth of the 'gorilla grip' coochie

Sealed Lips is Mashable’s series on pelvic pain, an experience rarely discussed but shockingly common.

No, you do not need a gorilla grip coochie. 

This phrase, in case you're not familiar, means exactly what it sounds like — a tight vagina. Per one Urban Dictionary entry, a gorilla grip is a "tight ass W.A.P. thats so tight...its almost like a gorilla is gripping your dick." One of the early variations, which was posted in the subreddit BrandNewSentence in 2018, was a Facebook meme post that recommended sprinkling pepper onto a woman's pillow so that, during intercourse, "her coochie grip you like a gorilla fist." The first Urban Dictionary entry appeared in March 2020, and the phrase has gained traction in the year since. The tag #gorillagrip has 37.8 million views on TikTok.  Read more...

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