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Thursday 10 December 2020

Disney will fuel international growth with Star brand and Star+ app #rwanda #RwOT #TheGameAwards

Disney+, the on-demand streaming service that launched a year ago and has already courted over 86 million subscribers, is ready to expand to more international markets.

At its annual investor day Thursday, the American entertainment giant announced a new streaming brand called “Star” that will feature content from ABC, FX, and 20th Century Studios.

In some markets, such as Europe, Canada, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand, Star will be unveiled to customers as a new hub within Disney+ app beginning February 20 next year, the company said. It will expand Star to more markets next year, though it did not identify those markets.

But it will come at a price: The company said it will be increasing the monthly subscription price of Disney+ from £5.99 to £8.99 in Europe. In other markets where Star will be included within Disney+, the tariff will be adjusted accordingly, the company said.

In Latin America, Star will be a standalone streaming service and offered under the brand name “Star+.” Star+ will launch in Latin America in June 2021, and will feature general entertainment movies and television shows as well as a lineup of live sports including soccer and tennis.

Today’s announcement appears to be an admission that Hulu, a streaming service also owned by Disney that has amassed about 39 million subscribers, will never go international.

Disney also hinted that it plans to expand Disney+ Hotstar, an on-demand streaming service it currently offers in India and Indonesia, to more markets, but it did not name those markets. The company said today that Disney+ Hotstar account for roughly 30% of Disney+’s subscriber base, which roughly translates to 26 million. Disney+ Hotstar had about 18 million subscribers at the end of September, Disney revealed last month.

Until now, Disney has largely relied on its existing regional properties and industry collaborations to expand to several international markets. In France, for instance, the service is available as Canal+. In Spain, as Moviestar+.

More to follow…

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