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Thursday 31 December 2020

Volvo's first electric SUV runs on Google #rwanda #RwOT

Volvo's first electric SUV runs on Google

I spent two hours driving Volvo’s first electric SUV around San Francisco last week. The thing I loved most about it: Google Maps. 

The XC40 Recharge hits the U.S. market in January for just under $55,000. Volvo doesn't try to push its own software. Instead, it's one of the first cars with an infotainment system entirely run on native Google software. (We're not talking about Android Auto, which requires an Android phone is compatible with vehicles from multiple automakers.)

The XC40 Recharge has a range of 208 miles, and features a panoramic sunroof, spacious seating, 2,000-pound towing capacity, and plenty of trunk and front trunk, or "frunk," space. If it looks a lot like the "regular" gas-powered XC40 SUV, it's because it's the same design, just electrified.  Read more...

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